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Meghan McCain Appears to Downplay Drama on ‘The View’ After Storming Off Set

Meghan McCain continues to monopolize the attention since The Viewreturned for its 23rd season. McCain took to Twitter to let fans know she was “good” after storming off the set of the popular talk show on Friday.

“Another day, another drama,” the conservative co-host tweeted, seemingly unfazed by the flak she was getting following her latest on-air tantrum.

McCain, who’s been criticized for her “bratty” behavior in the past, bolted off stage last week after a tense exchange with guest co-host Ana Navarro-Cardenas. The women, including show regulars Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Abby Huntsman, were discussing the Trump whistleblower scandal when McCain, 34, raised her voice at Navarro-Cardenas.

“I’m mad that there are people on the left think that [Wikileaks founder] Julian Assange is OK; that he’s some sort of patriot whistle blower,” a vocal McCain argued. “If you have a problem with this whistleblower, or you think he’s a hero, then you should have a problem with WikiLeaks as well!”

As Navarro-Cardenas struggled to get a word in edgewise, McCain shouted over her: “Excuse me! Maybe I was clumsy in the way that I said it!”

“You don’t have to scream at me. I’m two feet away,” Navarro-Cardenas shot back.

McCain claimed not to hear her co-host’s complaint, so Cardenas repeated it, drawing audible gasps from the audience.

“That’s so rude, Ana,” she said, flipping her hair before walking offstage moments later.

McCain has since visited Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live to further address the on-air drama.

Since the on-air tiff, Navarro-Cardenas and the other co-hosts have been silent on the matter, almost as if nothing happened. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from sounding off on McCain, whom they painted as an instigator.

“[It was] Started by you, as usual. If you didn’t create drama, no one would pay attention to you,” one critic wrote in response to McCain’s tweet.

“Don’t know why you demand the respect you never ever give,” another chimed in. “You constantly roll your eyes at the guest and co-host all day every day, that alone is so immature and RUDE. Then you take a sip from your cup and speak under your breath and we all see it. Childish!”

One viewer argued that “treating people with kindness and respect is out of your (McCain’s) wheelhouse.”

“Some people thrive on drama. I think you’re one of them,” another added.

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