Black Teen Captures the Moment White Driver Orders Her Mother to ‘F–k Off Back to Your Own Country’ in Shocking Road Rage Incident


A white British woman was filmed aggressively confronting a Black female driver and telling her to “f–k off back to your own country” in an apparent road rage dispute.

The shockingly racist ordeal, captured by the victim’s 14-year-old daughter, was posted to Twitter last Thursday, garnering plenty of angry reactions.

U.K. Road Rage Incident
A U.K. teen filmed as her mother was berated by a white driver. (Photo: @ibtisam_himt / video screenshot)

“I can’t believe she spoke to my mum like that,” the teen tweeted. “I have never experienced this before and can’t believe it still happens, absolutely disgusting. [I’ve] only been alive 14 years but this is still mad, wtf I wish I defended my mum better but everything happened soo fast.”

According to U.K. outlet The Sun Online, the incident unfolded in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, a large town about 50 miles outside of London. The dispute involved a woman believed to be originally from Ghana.

The 38-second clip begins with the white driver exiting her car after the two nearly collide while trying to maneuver down a residential road blocked by several double-parked cars. She soon approaches the teen and her mother, berating and cursing them through the driver’s side window.

“You’re absolutely ridiculous,” the woman says.

“Am I?” the Black mother responds.

“You’re ignorant,” her aggressor shoots back. “You see me coming through [and] you deliberately pulled yourself through.”

The angry woman grows increasingly agitated as the Black driver tries talking things over with her. Moments later, she’s seen pointing and shouting: “You. You. You should f–k off back to your own country.”

“Whoa!” the victim’s daughter says in disbelief.

Rather than be equally vile, her mother brushes off the racist  and kills her attacker with kindness.

“Thank you. God bless you,” she says as the white woman storms off.

“I’m so glad I filmed that,” her daughter is heard saying. “Look at her. Look at her. Look at her. Fool.”

Many online shared the teen’s anger and frustration over the incident, urging her to turn the racist driver into authorities.

“Can one of you Twitter detectives find her place of work and forward their HR department this video please,” one user tweeted.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you,” said another. “Racism is still an emboldened part of UK society I sincerely hope your mother is ok.”

One woman commended the teen’s mom for handing the racist outburst with such grace: “Your mother remained gracious throughout the whole unnecessary slander. May God bless her.”

“Just hidoeus,” another said of the white woman’s behavior. “Your mum is so sweet in her response. I hope you’re both ok. You must’ve been shaken up. I hope the police take it seriously.”

Later in the comments, the teen explained she and her mom were unable to report the incident to police because their local precinct was closed.

Watch more in the video below.

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