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‘Wowww’: 50 Cent’s Photo Op With Shaquille O’Neal Derails When Fans Zoom in on Former Lakers Star’s Hand

When someone posts a photo of themselves, it’s almost impossible to determine what people will comment on the most — whether it’s the person’s outfit, something in the background or other people in the pic.

Such is the case with a photo 50 Cent shared on Friday after he and Shaquille O’Neal visited “Access Hollywood.” The hosts of the show, Kit Hoover, Scott Evans and Sibley Scoles were in the shot too, and everyone looked happy as they put their arms around one another.

But many noticed O’Neal’s hand wrapped around Hoover’s waist and said they couldn’t believe how big it appeared next to her. Some even said they thought their eyes were playing tricks on them.

“Am I tripping or is @shaq hand bigger than @50cent head?🤔🤨” someone asked.

“His nail bed bigger than the buttons [on] her pants 😮 wowww!!” wrote someone else.

“@shaq hand is the size of that ladies stomach 😂😂,” a third person commented.

Others said it was hard to notice anything else in the photo besides the former hoop player’s hand, despite others being in the pic too.

“Holishi-t first thing I noticed was shaq’s hand,” one person stated.

50 also commented on O’Neal’s size but not his hand, just how tall he is in comparison. “I was feeling big till Shaq showed up,” wrote Fif in a separate picture of himself and the retired center.

But there were some who didn’t mention O’Neal or his hand at all. Instead, they asked about Scoles and let it be known they found her incredibly attractive.

A lot of people asked who the lady in the white dress was and referred to her as “fine.” They also mentioned her hair color.

“Who’s the white haired one??????” someone asked.

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