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‘So on Point’: Gabrielle Union Applauded by Fans for Candid Explanation About Letting Go of Plans as New Mom

Gabrielle Union said she’s learned a lot about going with the flow and not losing it when a particular plan of hers doesn’t work out.

It was something she communicated Monday on Instagram, next to a photo of herself and Kaavia James, the 10-month old she has with her husband Dwyane Wade.


In the caption, Union said the photo was taken on a day that didn’t go as planned, but she reacted far differently than she would’ve back in the day.

“Saw this pic and remembered how we had planned for this day to go and how it all went left 🥴,” she wrote. “Years ago I would’ve had my own meltdown and desperately tried to “stick to the plan.” Now, I embrace that my version of “balance” is the absence of balance. We go with the flow, do the best we can and COMMUNICATE.”

“Remember that folks aren’t mind readers but with effective, timely communication we create the space for empathy, compassion, patience and some kindness,” added Union. “Happy Monday!! 🥂 to doing our best this week!”

Her followers responded to the post in a major way and thanked Union for relaying the message.

“So on point! Balance at 49 with a husband and two kids means being flexible?!” one person wrote. “The scale moves from one side to the other at anytime!😘”

“I am mind blown by what you’ve said,” someone else commented. “Now, I embrace that my version of “balance” is the absence of balance.” YASS YASS YASS ! I am still trying to find my “balance” and after reading this, it just makes so much sense i cant explain. Thank YOU for sharing this 💓.”

“This is nice,” wrote a third person. “So well said. Helps relieve the pressure from seeking perfection which is utterly exhausting, and we never achieve it anyway. Here’s a toast to do it our best!!”

The actress’s post truly resonated with her followers, because it was liked almost 190,000 times in a matter of five hours, and over 1,300 people left comments.

One day before that post, Union shared another Instagram photo with herself and Kaavia. And based on the caption, the day of that photo seemed to go off without a hitch, unlike that time everything went wrong.

“Sunday Sweetness with my thoroughest girl @kaaviajames,” wrote Union in that photo.

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