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‘He Ain’t S–t’: ‘LHHH’ Fans Drag Lil Fizz After Moniece Slaughter Claims He Neglected Her During a Nervous Breakdown

It looks “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Lil Fizz is in hot water with fans after the mother of his son, Moniece Slaughter, made some harsh allegations about him.

Drama between the pair began late last year after rumors floated that Fizz was dating Apryl Jones, the ex-girlfriend of his B2K band mate Omarion Grandberry. Both Fizz and Jones denied the rumor, but Slaughter put the them on front street and claimed otherwise.

During this week’s episode of “LHHH,” Jones opened up about her breakup with Grandberry and how it was a difficult time for her emotionally. She said she turned to alcohol, lost a lot of weight and couldn’t eat at times. The mother of two claimed Fizz supported her and her children during a low point of her life.

Moniece Slaughter
(From left) Moniece Slaughter, Lil Fizz, Apryl Jones. (Photos: @monieceslaughter/Instagram, @airfizzo/Instagram, @aprylsjones/Instagram)

Slaughter caught wind of her cast mate and ex-bestie’s assertions and had a few opinions of her own. She said, as of recently, the “Bump Bump Bump” rapper hadn’t been as helpful with their son Kamron during a recent nervous breakdown she had and even told her to “pull it together.”

“Damn. I was dying too. Because of DREUX! 102 lbs. Not sleeping. Not eating. Depressed. Not drinking my life away. But definitely drowning in tears out of desperate for the disrespect to stop,” Slaughter responded to Jones’ comments on Monday night’s episode in a now-deleted Instagram post. “The restoration and healing of our Co-Parenting relationship to being because kam was/is paying the price behaviorally & emotionally.”

Moniece Slaughter
Moniece Slaughter blasts Lil Fizz as being neglectful. @monieceslaughter/Instagram

The “Petty” singer also claimed she “had to call Apryl to get a hold of” Fizz when she was “having a nervous break down.”

“When she put him on the phone and I said I was struggling and wasn’t sure how I was gonna make it through my week with kam and asked for their help, he told me [to] figure it out,” Slaughter wrote. “Pull it together it was my week. Call my parents. And hung up. Called to say I was trying to check into an inpatient depression behavioral center. He said great. Why are you calling? We have nothing to talk about. And hung up in my face.”

Social media slammed the B2K rapper for allegedly treating the mother of his child poorly.

“He ain’t s–t! It’s sad when the man is willing to do more for another than the mother of his child/children especially when she is reaching out for help😩.”

“Smh then be looking stupid when something serious happens when all it would of took was for him to help her for a minute with THEIR CHILD just sad. I’m sorry but Fizz is mean af!”

“Fizz is canceled 🤷‍♀️ He not your support system he’s been shown that. I would’ve never called him. you got this sis”

Fizz and Jones have not addressed Slaughter’s comments or accusations. As for Grandberry, he seems to be staying clear of all the drama.

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