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Prince’s ‘1999’ Album Being Re-Released By Estate

A bunch of new Prince songs will soon be available.

On Tuesday it was announced the late singer’s estate will release a re-mastered version of the classic album “1999” on Nov. 29, which originally dropped in 1982. And it will contain 35 never before released tracks.

Warner Bros. partnered with Prince’s estate for the “1999” reissue, and those interested can purchase it in one of three ways.

One package is being offered as a Super Deluxe Edition, and it will come with 5 CDs and 10 180g vinyl records that’ll have 65 cuts in all. Plus, 23 of those songs were recorded between November 1981 and January 1983.

It will also come with a DVD that shows Prince on the “1999” tour at the Houston Summit recorded in 1982 and an audio recording of a Detroit show, also taken from the “1999” tour that year.

Plus, the Super Deluxe package will have the singer’s handwritten lyrics for many of “1999’s” songs, including “Little Red Corvette” and rare photos of the singer as well.

Meanwhile, the deluxe edition, the second purchasing option, will come with two CDs and four vinyl records. And the remastered album, the third choice, will have one CD and two vinyl records colored in purple. The re-release will also be offered digitally.

Last month, Prince’s estate re-released three rare albums from the singer, “The VERSACE Experience (Prelude 2 Gold),” which was originally a promotional cassette tape for the Versace runway show at Paris Fashion Week.

The 1996 LP “Emancipation,” that’s been out of print for 20 years, was also reissued, as was “Chaos and Disorder, which originally came out in 1996 as well.

In April of 2017, on the one year anniversary of Prince’s death, engineer George Ian Boxill attempted to release an EP from the late singer titled “Deliverance,” but he was immediately sued by the estate.

Two years later, in April of 2019, a Minnesota federal court ordered Boxill to pay Prince’s estate. $3.96 million for releasing the unauthorized project.

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