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‘Black Ink’ Fans Say Ceaser Emanuel is Drunk with Power, Misogynistic

Ceaser Emanuel seemingly has gone a bit mad with power and fame. Fans are taking notice of his erratic behavior, and they are not feeling it.

Ceaser has always threatened to fire or fire and bring back many of his employees. It took viewers by surprise when he fired his manager and “Black Ink Crew” original, Sky Days.

Fans were not pleased with the tattoo boss and really think he’s letting the fame cause him to act out.

“That fame shit went ALL THE WAY to Ceaser bald hook ass head #BlackInkCrew”

“Ceasar dead ass wrong for this sh*t like this is somebody you call your sister your right hand and you gonna disrespect sis like this.”

Emanuel was very irate about Days revealing that she opened a boutique in Miami, Florida. “This is beyond f**ked up! … I’m the boss of this s**t you lying ass b**ch! You fu**ing fired,” he told Days.

The “Black Ink Crew” boss also has been called out by fans for being specifically disrespectful to his female employees. Although he hasn’t treated them with much respect in the past, many believe that the name-calling has worsened.

One fan wrote, “Alright I’m going to say this shit. The amount of bitches I hear Ceaser call his female employees make me feel some type of way! #BlackInkCrew”


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