Lori Harvey Lets Her Bikini Do the Talking When It Comes to Tamping Down Pregnancy Rumors


Just two days after images surfaced of Lori Harvey that ignited rumors she was expecting rumored boyfriend Diddy’s baby, the model has firmly put the claims to rest.

Harvey is reportedly vacationing solo in a mystery tropical location, and she took the time on Tuesday to pose in a Christian Dior denim bikini that nixed any chatter of pregnancy.

lori harvey
Lori Harvey. (Photo: @lori_harvey_/Instagram)

The 22-year-old modeled a matching denim bucket hat and a sheer blue sarong while standing on a jacuzzi deck. An ocean view and palm trees filled the background behind her.

But while the view was stunning, fans were more focused on the model’s figure and they took note that there was no baby bump in sight.

“Word is u having diddy’s baby 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 guess NOT lol”

“Not pregnant?”

“This is that I’m not pregnant picture”

“Damn you killed those pregnancy rumors sis 🔥”

The initial photos in question were snapped by paparazzi Sunday as Harvey and her 49-year-old rumored boyfriend were heading back to the U.S. from Cabo San Lucas. Along the way, Harvey, sporting a billowy white button-up shirt, stopped and Diddy paused to rub her belly. The images immediately got people talking, believing the gesture meant Steve Harvey‘s stepdaughter was bound to become a mother.

Fans quickly let their judgment fly.

“I literally think this is disgusting 😕😤🤐”

“Talk about acting like a woman but thinking like a man 👀👏🏾👏🏾”

“This trifling! On both parts!”

And others felt that if Lori were expecting, it would simply be a way for Diddy to get even with his ex-girlfriend Cassie. After dating the Bad Boy Records CEO for a decade, the “Me & U” singer became pregnant by her now-fiancé Alex Fine in the months since breaking up with Diddy for good.

“He’s so bothered by Cassie 😂. He knew y’all were out there. #DesperateMove”

“If Cassie’s gonna have a baby, so will Diddy.. the competition is fierce! 🤣🤣🤣”

“So Cassie got pregnant and he had to hurry up and get Lori pregnant lol”

Diddy and Lori have been dating at least since March when the model was seen right behind the mogul as they were filmed in Miami at a live reggae concert. Since then, the two have yet to confirm their relationship. Yet they’ve been seen getting increasingly cozy as they were openly affectionate on a trip to Italy with Lori’s parents and showing the ultimate sign of coupledom — sporting matching outfits — in July.