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‘Old Bitter Women Shade’: Chilli Claps Back After Getting Dragged for Saying Fan Doesn’t Look Like Her

Um, no. In so many words, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas had that response when a Twitter user recently shared that she often gets compared to one-third of TLC.

On Wednesday, a Washington State University women’s basketball team player tweeted that she is typically likened to Chilli.

“I get I look like chilli a lot what y’all think ? 😂🌶 ” the baller asked her followers while also tagging Chilli herself in the Sept. 4 post. Included in the tweet were a few photos of the student-athlete juxtaposed against the “Waterfalls” singer for reference.

Chilli, who currently stars on VH1’s “Girls Cruise,” caught wind of the post and said she believes having a few characteristics in common doesn’t mean the two are doppelgängers.

“Long straight/wavy hair n similar skin tone doesn’t mean u look like someone. Ur a doll but we don’t look alike:),” Chilli tweeted Thursday.

The post led to the ’90s girl group star to catch lots of heat from other Twitter users.

“This why you ain’t gotta man now. Your mouth is SMART.”

“chilli gets UPSET every time somebody say someone looks like her 🤣”

“That was old bitter women shade 😂😂😂 chilli you are too much 😭😭”

As such, Chilli was forced to hit back by quote tweeting a user who defended her initial reaction.

“Damn y’all going hard on chilli in these comments 😮😮😮she did compliment the girl at the end.. she prolly tired of getting told she look ppl when they really don’t look like her 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️,” the supporter said.

Chilli replied, “Exactly and she is pretty, never said she wasn’t.”

However, others on the platform didn’t let up, with many saying the remark was “passive aggressive.”

“Typed words can easily be mistaken as Passive aggressiveness….that’s what your response came off as.”

“It came off as a lil passive aggressive..”

“it’s not what you say it’s how you say it, nevertheless you could’ve said she’s a doll & kept it pushing but you wanna be salty and bitter towards something that wasn’t that deep sis.”

One person who has been compared to Chilli whom she approves of is actress and current “Strahan, Sara and Keke” host Keke Palmer. Back when Palmer portrayed Chilli in the TLC biopic “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story,” the movie’s star opened up about the support she got from the singer on set.

“She actually had seen some of my work before so she liked me as an actress as well,” Palmer told PopSugar in 2013. “When we were doing the choreography … Chilli was like, ‘That’s perfect, that’s so me.'”

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