‘Natural Hair Don’t Care’: Taraji P. Henson’s Latest Style Has Fans Dying to Know the Secrets

Taraji P. Henson gets lots of praise for her acting, but now the star is getting applause for her hairstyling skills, too.

After fans glimpsed the “Empire” actress’ new video of her picking out and fluffing a super-defined twist-out, they were left begging to know what the secret is. Luckily for them, Henson promised to share details soon. But a hint may be hidden among the hashtags she included in her post.

“TwistOUTs #NaturalHairDontCare #HealthyHair #TPHbyTaraji @TpHbyTaraji🙏🏾💋💋💋” read the caption of Henson’s post.

Fans quickly wanted more.

“Omg teach me this please !!!!🔥”

“Now im gonna need to see the WHOLE THING. From start to end Taraji🤔
The products and ERRRTHANG lol.”

“What hair care products do you use?”

“look Mam I’m not patient 🤦🏽‍♀️ok I’m tryna get my inches back (I cut my hair bc I’m stupid🙄) I’m tryna catch up to you CAN YOU PLEASE HURRY UP Im losing my mind and some strands of hair with it 😭”


In response to her “Empire” co-star Serayah, who wanted to know how to get Henson’s look, the actress replied, “@serayah I got you lil sis! 🙌🏾🙏🏾💋💋💋”

taraji p henson

The hair care line in question is TPH by Taraji, which she initially teased to fans in July.

“All naTUral and I f–kin LOVE IT!!! can’t WAIT to share my hair care system with you #TPHBeauty coming VERY SOON!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💋💋💋,” Henson captioned a selfie of her colored and curly locks.

Henson previously told People magazine she went natural during the filming of 2001’s “Baby Boy.”

“When I did ‘Baby Boy’, I had new growth and I was ashamed,” she said in 2016. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, my hair is terrible, don’t look at my new growth.’ The young lady who did my hair [for it] asked me, ‘What are you talking about? Your hair is beautiful! Why are you even getting a relaxer? All you have to do is know how to work it.’ So I grew my relaxer out. I was overwhelmed at first, because you go from straight, silky hair, to ‘What is this?’”

But since then, Henson has come around and has even dished on how she maintains her hair, which involved the use of natural hair care products. Yet after saying that chemically straightening her hair for over a quarter of a century “really damaged it,” her advice for moms with daughters is to avoid relaxers altogether.

“Every time I see women who have daughters, I say, ‘Don’t ever [use a relaxer] on her hair.’ If you don’t, I think it will be thicker and grow longer,” she said.

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