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‘Skin Is Smoothboots’: Married to Medicine’ Star Mariah Huq Hits Back at Claim of Using ‘Too Much Photoshop’

Mariah Huq never has an issue with responding to fan criticism, and she held firm to that on Tuesday.

The star of Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” shared a new behind-the-scenes photo of her appearing to prepare to shoot a confessional scene for the upcoming season on August 27.

Mariah Huq
Mariah Huq. (Photo: @iluvmariah/Instagram)

“Holding Court!” she wrote in the caption of a photo where a crown, which tilted slightly, rested on her head over a royal blue beret. Further adding to the theme were the hashtags Huq mentioned, which included #Queening, #Regal, #Crown and #Royalty.

But rather than pile on praise, fans instantly remarked about the heavy editing that apparently took place on Huq’s face in the photo.

“Damn that’s edited af 👀”

“Filtered down baby”

“This looks so unnatural.”

“Too much ptotoshop.”

The last comment drew a response from Huq.

“@chouquetteuh NO Photo Shop boo! Lol,” she said initially. Then, she added, “@chouquetteuh thanks though skin is smoothboots.”

mairah huq

Fans didn’t just diss the reality star’s look, however.

Some came to her defense.

“We all know that Mariah is a beautiful woman without the filters or editing. HATERS!!!!!!”

“I swear we as black women are always so critical of the next. Why can’t we uplift and compliment each other.”

Others complimented her royal appearance.

“Beautiful queen her royal finess”


“And she stay serving LOOKS 👀👀👀”

This is not the first time that Huq has been accused of touching up her looks in a photo. A few weeks ago when she took a trip to Aruba, Huq was caught appearing to make her belly even flatter. Fans caught the editing fail once they noticed the pole Huq wrapped her arm around was bending inward.

“The pole is slanted sis 😂😂😂😂😂😂”

“You look great as is! No need in photoshop! We can clearly tell you photoshop this pic, the pole has a curve 😩”

“slanted pole alert sis 🚨”

Ever quick with a witty response, Huq replied and said, “@marcela_ahmad the pole is a hater sis.”

While Huq’s wit served her well in tackling these photo editing snafus, she kept quiet when it came to the unveiling of the cast photo that many quickly reacted to in regards to the hairline of co-star Quad Webb-Lunceford.

“Wtf is wrong with Quad’s hairline and why is Heavenly still on the show!???! I hate them both! 😩😂🤣”

“Wigs have never been Quads strong suit 🙄”

Quad herself responded to the criticism and pinned it on an editing fail by Bravo higher-ups. In the end, they wound up remedying the situation by releasing a new pic of the star.

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