‘Kiss My Black A–‘: 50 Cent Slams Emmys for Not Nominating ‘Power’ After Season 6 Premiere Generates Big Numbers

After much anticipation, the sixth and final season of “Power” aired on Sunday, and according to reports it was watched by 2.3 million viewers.

And the overall success of the show, at least based on 50 Cent‘s reasoning, should’ve at least gotten it an Emmy nomination, which it didn’t.

In fact, 50, who’s an executive producer of the crime drama, posted some numbers to his Instagram page on Tuesday. And he let people know the “Power” premiere ranked “No . 1 for the summer and No. 2 for premium series in 2019 among total viewers.”

Based on the rapper’s post, Sunday’s episode also raised viewership for the series 40 percent from season 5, and it was the top trending show on Twitter when it aired.

But that’s not all 50 included in his post. He also captioned it with a few choice words for the Emmy nominating committee.

“🤔The EMMY’s can kiss 😘 my black ass 🎥 in slow motion,” he wrote. “F–k em I’m #1 They a bunch of Bengay my back hurt smelling ass old people anyway. 🤨LOL.”

A lot of folks agreed with the “Many Men” rapper that “Power” should’ve been nominated, and they let him know about it.

“That’s so f–ked up @50cent … but it’s OK. You got us. 💛💛💛💞,” one of his fans wrote.

“Fif out here saying what people are secretly thinking,” another person commented.

“You know the politics behind that, they just hating,” wrote someone else.

50 also took the Emmys to task last month at the Television Critics Association press tour and said race is behind the nomination snub. According to the rapper, since “Power” has a majority black cast, it’s just not on the nominating committee’s radar.

“I like to say it’s racial,” he stated. “That’s the easy way to get out of things. People who are running and connected to these ceremonies are not necessarily cool people.”

During that same discussion, 50 also said “Power” received the same treatment as his 2003 debut “Get Rich or Die Tryin,’” which didn’t get a Grammy nod despite being the biggest-selling album that year.

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