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‘Your Mother Raised You Well’: Riley Burruss Gives Back After Birthday Gift Request

After Riley Burruss caused an uproar when she took to Cash App to ask for birthday gifts, the teen seems to be making things right by giving back to fans.

Two days after her big day, the 17-year-old took to Instagram Saturday to let fans know she’d be the one giving a major gift thanks to their generosity.

“Hey everyone! Since a lot of y’all showed me love on my birthday, I want to spread love back to y’all: I will be cashapping one of my followers $500,” she said in the caption of a pic of her posing with mom Kandi Burruss during a trip to Japan this summer. “So like this post, swipe up on my story and send me your cashapp, and I will pick a random person to send it to. Thanks for the love on my birthday! Love you guys! I’ll send it tomorrow at noon💜”

riley burruss
(Left) Riley Burruss and her mom (right) Kandi Burruss. (Photo: @rileyburruss/Instagram)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” kid instantly had her comments section filled with her follower’s CashApp user names in hopes they’d be the big winner. It spawned Riley to reiterate the requirements for the cash grab by commenting, “y’all swipe up on my story not my comments😂”

Several people expressed suspicion about Riley’s charitability, however.

“Will That be From the same money you was asking people to give you? Asking for a friend.”

“@katalinri louder for the people in back. Scam city,” someone replied in agreement.

“You should be ashamed of yourself..leave the begging to the less should return every penny.”

Others hoped those putting their hats in the ring were sincere.

“This isn’t for the haters that were bashing her when she posted her CashApp info! I bet y’all the 1st ones to send her y’all CashApp today 😂”

“But yet y’all was just complaining about her dropping her cashapp name i-“

And many praised Riley — and mom Kandi — for being generous.

“That is mighty nice of you, riley since so many had so many negative things to say about you jokingly putting your cashapp up. Keep being who u r young lady. Again happy birthday.”

“Your mother raised you well!👏🙌❤️”

“@til eyburruss That is so awesome of you! @kandi Awesome job mom!! You’ve taught her well.. ❤️”

“Awww Riley that is so sweet of you to bless others on your special day. Happy birthday lil lady. 💚💚💚🎉🎉🎉”

Riley, who recently started her senior year of high school, has yet to publicly announce the lucky winner.

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