‘She Don’t Want You’: Meek Mill Accused of Shading Nicki Minaj’s Man in New Video

A lot of people are trying to deduce if Meek Mill threw some shade at Nicki Minaj‘s man Kenneth Petty in a newly released video.

Petty’s clip surfaced in March, and it shows him punching a speed bag at a carnival. He seemed to hit the bag pretty hard as well, and Minaj stood right next to him and smiled.

Her man also sported a grimace while he hit the bag and talked a little smack to boot. “This how we hitting,” said Petty to the camera.

Then on Sunday, August 25, another clip hit the Internet that showed Mill punching a speed bag at a carnival too, and some said he was making fun of Petty. That’s because the rapper talked trash like Minaj’s partner and did a similar wind-up before he delivered the punch.

On top of that, “Hot Girl Summer,” Minaj’s song with Megan Thee Stallion and Ty Dolla $ign, played in the background of Mill’s video, which also had people theorizing.

In fact, many said they wondered if Mill’s video was a coincidence, since it was similar to Petty’s, or if he was trying to send a subtle diss.

“Didn’t nicki man did the same thing in the UK? & everyone said he’s weak af,” one person wrote.

“Nicki husband played that game and wanna send a sub! It doesn’t matter cause she don’t want you 🤣,” someone else wrote to Mill.

“He miss @nickiminaj😭😭😭,” another person commented.

And the fact that “Hot Girl Summer” played in the background of the clip was also significant to some.

“So we just going to ignore that they are playing hot girl summer that is featured with @nickiminaj and @meekmill is there,” one person asked.

“This not about Nicki… chill tf out !!!!!,” wrote another.

Neither Mill or Minaj have commented on the hubbub as of yet. Petty has stayed quiet as well.

Meek and Minaj began dating in 2015 and broke up in 2017.

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