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‘That Single Life Hit Different’: Reginae Carter Receives Praise for ‘Glow Up’ After Apparent Break Up with YFN Lucci

Social media users apparently see a difference in “Pride & Prejudice” actress Reginae Carter since she called it quits with her ex-boyfriend YFN Lucci.

The 20-year-old publicly broke up with the “Heartless” rapper earlier this month and has apparently been living her life as a free single woman. She’s uploaded several videos and glamorous photos of herself to social media, seemingly living her life to the fullest.

Tuesday evening, Carter took to Instagram and posted a cutesy video of herself mouthing the lyrics to Nicki Minaj‘s remix to Pop Smoke’s “Welcome To The Party.” While wording, “You wanna party with Barbie,” she teased her hair and smiled before ending her video.

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter. @reginae/Instagram (photo courtesy)

In another video, Carter was seen jamming to Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj’s, “Hot Girl Summer” track. She added in her caption, ” then I dip” before throwing up the peace sign in her clip.

Fans claimed they noticed a difference in the young actress following her split with Lucci.

“Whew chile that single life hit different ! I loveeee your many looks beautiful❤️😍 you glowing sis”

“Yes baby do the damn thing! Stay young and single. You don’t need that drama”

“You definitely got the “I just dropped a fuck nigga” glow 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 yassss😍”

“Sis got that glow up since dropping Lucci as she should 😍💪🏾”

If Carter’s glamourous photos and videos weren’t enough to make fans gush over her recent “single” status, her homebuying photos definitely were.

The daughter of rap icon Lil Wayne, purchased her very first home this week in Atlanta and couldn’t have been more excited.

“Today is a big day for me! At the age of 20 years old , I just got the keys to my own house 🤗 I’m a homeowner now 🎊so blessed and thankful!” she wrote August 21 via Instagram. “This process was the most tedious process I’ve ever had to be apart of in my life lol but I’m so glad it’s finally over ! Imma need MTV cribs to come holla at me lol ! #sohappy #blessed.”

Reginae Carter
YFN Lucci and Reginae Carter at the 2019 BET Awards. photo credit @flowersinthetrap

The young celebrity seemingly called it quits with off-and-on boyfriend YFN Lucci, 28, after the controversial cucumber-themed party thrown by him, Alexis Skyy and Trouble in Atlanta on August 4.

She claimed she was at the party to “spy” on the rapper and then publicly broke up with him via Twitter.

“I’ve made myself look like a fool for this man and I apologize for allowing you guys to see it,” she said. “I’m young and still learning. Unfortunately, every move I make is publicized. I can’t control it. Imma try to be more private for now on. … I was loosing myself but baby I promise imma FIND ME again.”

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