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‘Oh Hell Naw’: Nene Leaks Slaps Phone Out of Photographer’s Hand After Filming Her At Airport

Nene Leakes did not seem to want to be bothered talking to anyone other than the person she spoke to on the phone earlier this week and there’s a video of the proof.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star made her way through Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. Tuesday and did not take kindly to being on camera.

“THIS ONE TIME @NeNeLeakes slapped my phone out of my hand,” tweeted a D.C.-based celebrity photographer known as “Marky Mark” Aug. 20.

The footage in question shows Mark filming Leakes, who was wearing sunglasses and a white T-shirt, walking down the airport corridor approaching the photog.

“Hey, Nene. How are you doing?” he said. “Your No. 1 fan over there,” he says.

Immediately after, Leakes balances her cell phone between her ear and shoulder to get a free hand, which she used to slap his phone down to the floor.

“That’s all right,” he calls after Leakes as he grabbed his phone from off the ground and seemed to call her a vulgar name.

The video has since gone viral and many have taken the photog’s side.

“She’s in a public place. She reached out and put her hand on someone who was near her (NOT in her face). If she’s really all that, her entitled, pompous arse should be taking that private jet. Personally, I don’t see the draw about her. She’s just loud and rude.”

“Wow! WHO does she think she is😂😂😂 maybe because this video shows the REAL Nene and NOT the skinny photoshopped one she keeps posting 😜”

“You can say he was wrong which maybe he was maybe he wasn’t but that doesn’t give you permission to put your hands on ANYONE 🤷🏻‍♀️👊💯 And she seems to have a problem with that with her cast mates anyway 🤔”

Still, some have come to Leakes’ defense.

“Get out her face with that 🤚🏾”

“I’d be pissed too if you started recording me without permission when I was on the phone..incredibly presumptuous and rude!!!”


This is not the first time that Leakes has been accused of being rude to others at the airport.

In May, Leakes drew similar criticism when a Facebook user spouted off about a negative experience she had with the “RHOA” star. Tiana Barr tore into Leakes when she claimed the celeb had been rude when her friend tried to talk to her. Leakes had been on the phone at the time.

“That was really rude. You’re supposed to be a idol,” Barr told Leakes during the recorded incident.

Leakes demanded Barr stop talking to her and after telling the star she should be fired, Barr walked away.

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