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‘Clout Chasing is Some Bad S—‘: Nene Leakes Defended by Fans After Facebook User Puts Her on Blast for Being ‘Really Rude’ to Pal

A fan’s attempt to draw attention to Nene Leakes’ supposed rudeness toward her friend backfired recently when the woman was accused of being a clout chaser.

Tiana Barr took to Facebook Thursday morning to air out her issues with Leakes, and the post quickly went viral online.

Barr was flying out of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport May 23 and approached Leakes after she said “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star had a rude response when her pal, Sheneaqua Tisdale, tried to speak to Leakes.

“Y’all I really had to read NeNe Leakes because Sheneaqua Tisdale tried to speak to her and she gave her the yuck face like girl don’t touch me and my thing is she supposed to be this role model and idol, but that’s not what a role model and idol do…everything the girls be saying about her on the show is true and I had to tell her about she proceeded to talk reckless and so did I..she even went as far as saying I’m going to be my A** whipped and I told her ‘That will be the day gurrr’…she called security on me thinking that was going to stop me from getting the flight…the security officer didn’t even know her 🙄🙄🙄🙄 #SheIsBeyondRude.”

In the video, which appears to have been taken on Snapchat, Barr approaches Leakes and tells her off.

“That was really rude,” Barr says. “You’re supposed to be a idol.”

“No, I’m on the phone,” replies Leakes, who stood with her sunglasses on and eabuds in her ears holding her phone.

“Everything that people was saying about you on that show is true,” Barr says after some crosstalk.

“Stop talking to me, honey, and go over there,” Leakes says.

“And you should be fired from the show,” Barr adds. “You shut up … girl, bye! With your Rainbow clothes! Girl, bye!”

As the video generated attention and spread to social media outside of Facebook, however, commenters on Barr’s post and beyond were not exactly in support of her. Rather than chastising Leakes, several tore into Barr and accused her of trying to gain influence from the internet.

“Clout chasing is some bad s—.”

“This video is a good example of what a clout chasing hoe would do.”

“She obviously just wanted 15 mins!! Some people will do anything for attention.”

Folks also took up for Leakes.

“Chy you lame as hell. I wouldn’t want to speak to yall either. Get out that woman Personal space and get a life.”

“Those Celebrities Don’t hv To Speak To U, Yeah it would be Nice, But Damn, Leave These Celebs Alone. They See Like 100 ppl in a Hour.. #Then GonnaSayUSuppose To Be Rich .. he can Wear What She want.. GetA Life. #ICouldntDoIt #TeamNene.”

“Leave Nene along she don’t have to talk to y’all clown goofy asses.”

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