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‘You Know Nothing About Me’: Peter Thomas Claps Back at Fan Who Claimed Cynthia Bailey Cut Him Off

Peter Thomas is keeping busy with his life as a Charlotte, North Carolina-based club owner. The former husband of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey is hard at work preparing for the grand opening of his newest venue in Miami next month.

But in sharing a now-deleted update about the new Bar One on Instagram, he caught some heat from a hater who indicated he has to get his business up since he and Bailey split.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas attend Len Burnett’s 50th birthday celebration at Uptown House on April 18, 2014, in New York. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

“Cynthia cut you off, now you have to work, I love it Great job, Cynthia,” the Instagram user said.

Not missing a beat, Thomas, who has since moved on with girlfriend Toni Scott, replied back.

“Keep watching the show, because you [know] Nothing about me,” he said.

Thomas and Bailey’s divorce was finalized in 2017 after they were wed for six years.

But in the years since, Thomas has not been able to escape references or comparisons to what’s occurring in his life to Bailey’s own.

When Thomas posts photos with Scott, fans typically have responded by dimming her light for Bailey’s. This was the case in April and May respectively.

“She will never compare or even compete with Cynthia and that’s FACTS sorry Peter try again,” a fan remarked on the couple’s pic in April.

“Hmm I think Cynthia is better she seems a little thotish😮” another said on a photo Scott posted in a bikini on the beach in May.

During Memorial Day weekend, Thomas hit back at the comparisons specifically when a fan remarked, “She’s a beautiful much younger woman Peter, but she’s no Cynthia Bailey bro. Best wishes Peter.”

“@reneehopkins1967 that’s what beautiful about her,” Thomas said lovingly of his woman.

But Scott hasn’t just always just left it to her man to defend her. In June, the single mom stepped up to tamp down several haters who continued to bring up Bailey when Scott celebrated her birthday with Thomas by her side.

“…..another non masculine man comparing two women yet has a miss piggy on his arm 🤦🏽‍♀️,” she said after an Instagram user remarked, “Far from Cynthia Bailey but bro if she got that 🔥 and you happy I’m dam show which ya.”

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