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‘Whew, Chile’: Former ‘LHH’ Star Hazel-E and Her Boyfriend Allegedly Throw Hands With Day 26’s Willie Taylor and His Wife Amid Filming of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

It looks like things came to a head on the upcoming season of “Marriage Boot Camp” after a group of former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” stars apparently got into a brawl this week.

Controversial reality star Hazel-E and her new boyfriend Devon B. allegedly got into a physical altercation with her former co-star Shanda Denyce and her husband Willie Taylor of R&B group Day 26 over an old Instagram post.

For those who don’t remember, Hazel-E made some derogatory remarks about darker-skinned women on her social media in October 2017. Her hateful message ultimately cost her job on “LHHH,” multiple business deals and a social media beatdown at the time. It also seems that her past mistake came back to haunt her.

(From left) Hazel-E, Davon B., Shanda Denyce and Willie Taylor. (Photo: @hazelebaby/Instagram, @tmz/Instagram)

TMZ reported Wednesday morning, that Denyce, a darker skinned Black woman herself, confronted the 38-year-old rapper on her former colorist-charged post and things quickly got heated. Supposed sources of the news outlet claimed the two women began fighting, destroying chairs, a marble table and a set of drapes. Meanwhile, their significant others, Devon and Taylor also began brawling, and the situation apparently spun out of control.

“MBC” producers allegedly put the cast on lockdown after several security guards and crew members broke up the fight. However, the show resumed filming shortly after producers apparently had an emergency meeting. All of the couples are reportedly still in the house.

After a wave of backlash, Hazel deleted her 2017 Instagram post that read, “I see all you black ass bitches that hate me. … Stop bleaching your skin and fix the inside first and maybe all you h–s wouldn’t be so mad … Bitches mad ’cause they couldn’t pass the brown paper bag test. Yep, I said it … Sorry mom, you kept me away from these type of girls all my life. You said they would hate me because I’m light skin. You were right.”

Last year, the “Actin Up” rapper appeared on “Iyanla: Fix My Life” to apologize for the hurtful post she wrote, but social media still hasn’t forgiven her.

As for “MBC”, no details about the premiere date or cast have been released. Joseline Hernandez, a close friend of Hazel-E, and her boyfriend DJ Balistic Beats are rumored to be on there.

A few social media users have added their input regarding the Hazel and Denyce showdown:

“Wheeeewww Chile the ghetto and I’m ready for it 😂”

“🙄 Hazel e say anything about color cuz she KNOWS it’s an attention grabber and people will fight and act a fool over it”

“Thats What Her Nosey Pale Ass Get 💯👏🏾 I hope Shanda dragged her!”

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