Former LAHH Rapper Hazel-E Seeks Redemption After Hateful Comments About Darker Skinned Women

Hazel E Dark Skin


Will her apology be enough?

That’s what some folks are probably asking themselves about “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood’s” Hazel E, who’s trying to make amends for posting a hateful message about darker skinned women. Afterward, she received a social media beat down and lost her reality show job and other business deals.

In a couple of weeks, the 37-year-old will appear on an upcoming episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life” to talk about the hurtful post and to apologize.

Things went South for Hazel pretty fast after she got into it with the comedian Jess Hilarious, who accused her boyfriend Rose Burgundy of being gay. In response, he made some derogatory comments about the gay community, which Hazel co-signed. She then went on that colorism rant and things haven’t been the same for her since.

“I see all you black ass bitches that hate me,” she wrote in October. “Stop bleaching your skin and fix the inside first and maybe all you h–s wouldn’t be so mad … Bitches mad ‘cause they couldn’t pass the brown paper bag test. Yep, I said it … Sorry mom, you kept me away from these type of girls all my life. You said they would hate me because I’m light skin. You were right.”

A few weeks ago, Hazel posted a trailer of the new season of “Fix My Life” and one of her followers expressed an eagerness to see what she learned on the show. According to the former reality star, she didn’t hold anything back from Iyanla and said people will be surprised at what she revealed.

“Everyone was thinking I forgot about my sisters in my apology,” wrote Hazel. “I just had to do it in a bigger way, a way that wasn’t staged or brushed off. I don’t know if I’m ready for this to air, but I put my heart into it and God ordered my steps in His word. So I have faith that people will finally get to see a side of me that has never been shown.”

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