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‘Y’all Stay Reaching’: Erica Mena Latest Video Takes a Turn When Fans Bring Up ‘Pregnant’ Rumors Again

Despite Erica Mena and her fiancé Safaree Samuels constantly denying pregnancy rumors surrounding them, social media still believes the pair are expecting.

In a recent video uploaded to Mena’s social media this week, people swore up and down she was pregnant due to her supposed protruding stomach, but fans of the 31-year-old quickly shut the rumors down.

The model took to her Instagram Monday morning and uploaded a video of herself posing in front of a mirror, wearing a form-fitting maxi dress and stiletto pumps. She panned her camera phone over her body and zoomed in on her curvy figure, captioning the post, “Last night…… dress.”

Erica Mena
Fans Convinced Erica Mena is pregnant. @iamerica_mena/Instagram

A few of Mena’s followers instantly remarked about her rumored pregnancy.

“She looks like she’s having a baby y’all 🙏❤️ pregnant and all!”

“We see baby Safari in there you definitely look preggo 😍”

Fans who clearly had enough of the “baby” gossip jumped to Mena and Samuels’ defense.

“She’s not pregnant! She already said no. 🙄 She just gain weight y’all stay reaching. Erica u look gorgeous”

“Her body is not bad at all… as a matter of fact, I’m not hating. But it would be nice if there was a baby growing in her that pouch. If not…. ayyyy we alll know we get thick when we happy. Either way, love ya life.

Samuels hit back at skeptics earlier this month after speculating his fiancée was with child, writing via Instagram, “Y’all been saying she’s pregnant since December🤦🏾‍♂️ .. the Internet knows more than the ppl involved nowadays 😐.”

Erica Mena
Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena. (Photo: @iamerica_samuels/Instagram)

In April, Mena confirmed she wasn’t pregnant after baby rumors surrounded her and Samuels. She claimed she gained weight and was “just thicker than before.”

In March, Mena did, however, claim she and Samuels were in the process of trying to have a child. During an Instagram Live video at the time, she said she’d been using sea moss — a supposed age-old Caribbean fertility concoction for couples trying to have a child.

“I’ve had sea moss,” she said. “’Cause you know we’re trying to have a baby, so we’re putting it inside our drinks and stuff.”

The pair also confirmed this summer they’re nearly finished planning their wedding.

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