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‘Frauds of a Feather’: Peter Thomas Eviscerated by Fans After He Capes for Pal Apollo Nida Amid Alleged Custody Issue

After Apollo Nida opened a can of worms regarding an apparent custody battle between him and ex-wife Phaedra Parks, the one-time Bravolebrity’s pal Peter Thomas has taken up for him.

Nida indicated on Instagram Sunday that former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Parks has been preventing him from seeing their sons, 9-year-old Ayden Nida and 6-year-old Dylan Nida.

“No matter what, she can’t keep us apart,” Nida, who last month was released from prison for a second time, wrote on August 11. “The fight will not stop to be a good DAD!!! There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of the 2 of u. LOVE AND MISS YA SO MUCH.”

Thomas chimed in commenting, “WOW!!!! This went public??? Not good.” By Monday, however, it seemed as if he had more to say on the matter, so he took to Instagram and uploaded a few since-deleted videos venting about what’s happened from his perspective.

“I was reading, and it said that time she visited him in jail — it was on Bravo’s dime. It was recorded for the show.” Peter said in the first video. “She probably wouldn’t have done it if they didn’t force her hand to do it, ’cause I know how that s–t works. That’s really f–ked up. Can’t no good come from bad deeds. Somebody should holler at her, and let her know that.”

Thomas added that he is praying for Nida and said he’s certain that father and sons will reunite and “you gon love the s–t outta them like they love the hell outta you.”

“And anything that I can do to help you, my brother, you know I will,” he added.

In a separate video, Thomas took aim at Parks blaming her for supposed rumors and lies she spread about him before mentioning how good his relationship with Nida is.

“I don’t have Phaedra’s number. I can’t call her,” he said. “And I wouldn’t wanna call her anyway. She didn’t like me. She spread a lot of rumors and a lot of lies about me, so why would I wanna call her?

“I’m cool with Apollo — that’s my dude,” he continues. “He went to jail. While he was in jail, we talked all the time. He’s home. He hasn’t seen his kids on three years. I think it’s f’ed up that when two people are going through some stuff — I don’t like females like that, by the way. I don’t like females that because you’re mad at the dude that you had a kid with, now you’re using the kid against him. That s–t is foul to me.

“Grown up that have disagreement, that don’t like each other — they don’t have to like each other but y’all made them babies together! He wasn’t abusive towards his kids. He wasn’t abusive towards her! When he was doing the crime and he was bringing in all that money home, it was all good, right? Now he’s back he’s trying to rebuild his life, trying to see his kids, now yall gon’ talk about ‘mind ya business, mind ya business.’ This my f–king business! That’s my dude, that’s my friend!”

But while Thomas was adamant about supporting his friend, he got clowned online for it. One commenter even drummed up his March arrest for allegedly writing fraudulent checks.

“Papa Smurf we all know frauds of a feather stick together. Don’t come for Phae Phae when you was just writing bad checks in 2018? 🤡”

“@addonnishedon exactly, I literally was thinking why isn’t Peter explaining that!” someone else agreed.

Others quoted Nene Leakes, who got onto Thomas in season 6 of “RHOA” for being in women’s business.

“Again, in women’s business! I think Nene said ‘you stop acting like a……..”

“He’s TOO damn old to stay in women’s business as much as he do 💯👎🏽”

“Here comes Patricia”

Nida has yet to comment on Thomas’ remarks, and Parks has also remained silent.

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