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Leslie Jones Announces New Comedy Special On Netflix: ‘It’s Going to Be So Good’

Leslie Jones is the latest comedian to announce an upcoming comedy special on Netflix. The “Saturday Night Live” cast member made the announcement Thursday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

The special will be filmed in Washington D.C.’s The Warner Theatre on Sept. 10, and there will be two separate shows. Jones said the special will be a wonderful opportunity for people to see her true talent since the acting and sketch comedy she does came after stand-up.

“Y’all finally get to see what I really do,” she told Kimmel’s audience. “I am actually a stand-up comic. I mean, it’s great to be the actress and sketch and all that stuff, but I’m actually a stand-up hardcore. That’s what paid the bills.”

Jones also said she chose the nation’s capital to film the special because it has “one of the best comic crowds.”

The “Ghostbusters” star talked about Donald Trump showing up to the filming as well since there’s a good chance he’ll be in D.C. on September 10. Jones said she’ll talk bad about him if he does come, but she certainly won’t invite him.

“Don’t you show up,” she demanded. “You are banned, period. You are band from my life.”

Next, Jones will star in “Angry Birds 2” and voice the part of Zeta. Others in the August 14th released film include Nicki Minaj, “This Is Us'” Sterling K. Brown, Lil Rel Howery, Tiffany Haddish, Awkwafina and Maya Rudolph.

Plus, it’s been recently announced that Jones has been cast in the “Coming to America” sequel “Coming 2 America” along with Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Wesley Snipes and Rick Ross.

In regards to the Netflix special, Jones admitted she’s still mulling over titles and doesn’t want to rush a decision because the material is so “close” to her. She also promised the show will be nothing less than stupendous, and that people will truly be blown away.

“I’m telling you guys it’s going to be so good. Like, oh my goodness I can’t wait,” she told Kimmel.

Tickets are already available for the taping of the special on websites like Ticketmaster.

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