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‘I Had To Be Fabulous’: Serena Williams Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Style

On September 10 Serena Williams will debut her fashion line S by Serena at New York Fashion Week and anything seen there will be available for purchase in a 24-hour shopping party.

The 23 time Glam Slam winner sat down with Essence to not only talk about the runway show but putting her own money behind the line.

Serena Williams said she had to remain stylish during her pregnancy. (Photo: Rachel Luna / WireImage via Getty Images)

Williams also said it was imperative for her to be fashionable when she was pregnant with her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., who she had with husband Alexis Ohanian on September 1, 2017.

“During my pregnancy I always made sure I was dressed up or I wore heels and it would kill me,” she revealed. “But I would just wear the heels and then I would take them off at the restaurant or wherever we would go. Then I’d put them back on. I had to be fabulous.”

“There’s even a picture of the day before I had the baby,” continued the tennis star. “We went out to eat and I had on my blue outfit and I was like, ‘I’m going to try to be stylish this whole pregnancy.’ I tried, but afterward it was a little bit of a letdown, definitely more so than during. We deserve a letdown, but we also deserve an upgrade.”

Williams called S by Serena a line for “unflinching women of color,” and one that represents all women as they walk through various areas of life — whether in the boardroom, hanging out with friends or at home with the children.

She also said creating a line was always a personal goal and it’s nothing that was done without preparation.

Plus, the 37-year-old revealed that she tried to partner with a company in the past but couldn’t find one that would allow her to be the creative force. And that’s when she decided to invest in herself.

“I decided that since I couldn’t find that partner, I just needed to do it on my own. Because when you invest in yourself, it helps your confidence, and you’ll know forever that whether you make it or not, you stepped up to the plate,” Williams explained.

As of now, no further details were given about the shopping party.

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