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‘Don’t Play With the Moms’: ‘GUHHATL’ Fans Urge Brandon Barnes to ‘Run’ After Waka Flocka Threatens to Beat His ‘A–’ for Lying to His Mother Deb

Chaos erupted during the July 25 episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” after rapper Waka Flocka came seconds from throwing hands with family friend Brandon Barnes.

Barnes is known on the show for always being at the center of controversy. A few years ago he and Reginae Carter got into an explosive altercation on the show, which led to his godmother Debra Antney and Carter’s mother Toya Wright getting involved in the squabble. It was a complete nightmare, to say the least.

Fast-forward to this week’s episode, and Barnes found himself in hot water with family friend and godbrother Waka Flocka. The “Hard In Da Paint” rapper, his mother Antney and wife Tammy Rivera were convinced Barnes was a fraud after the music producer claimed he was in school to become a firefighter. Waka and Rivera were also believed Barnes was using Antney and the rapper’s name to advance his career.

Waka Flocka
Brandon Barnes (left) and Waka Flocka (right). (Photos: @wetv screenshots)

Antney, who’s managed Nicki Minaj and several other musicians in the past, learned her god-son wasn’t 100 percent truthful about his firefighter training. She found out through a mutual friend that Barnes never attended the facility where majority of firefighters train at. She also said the producer has apparently been out of shape since she’s known him and claimed it would be hard for him to pass the fitness tests required of aspiring firemen.

Antney, Waka and Rivera and their family decided to confront Barnes on his supposed lies at dinner, which turned into a complete disaster. Barnes assured that he was indeed in fire academy when Waka exclaimed, “How are you a firefighter when you can’t carry out the trash?”

Things continued to spiral out of control when Waka urged Barnes to tell him the truth.

“You better hope that s– is real,” the rapper said. “I promise to God … If this is fake, I’m rolling you.”

Moments later Waka gets up and threatens to beat Barnes’ “ass,” telling him to get up. Security then intervened before the episode cut off.

“GUHHATL” viewers had mixed reactions to the entire incident and episode.

“OOPS! #1 rule YOU DONT PLAY WITH THE MOMS PERIOD! 🤣 No fucks given!! I feel Waka. Brandon better run!”

“Uh Oh Brandon about to get his a– beat! He need to stop lying so much.”

“I understand being upset that he lied but why slap him? Waka Seriously looks stupid and like a typical Cornball.”

“Sooooooooo waka wanna fight because Brandon lied about being a firefighter??? that’s dumb. Waka sit down 😩.”

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