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Meghan McCain Gets Loud with Sunny Hostin Over Freshmen Congresswomen Before Whoopi Steps In: ‘We Can Get As Loud As We Want’

A shakeup of sorts occurred on “The View” when Meghan McCain set her sights on going toe-to-toe with Sunny Hostin rather than Whoopi Goldberg during yet another discussion about the freshman Democrats.

During Monday’s broadcast, the hosts debated about ongoing bipartisan discussions concerning accusations that President Donald Trump is racist. The main point of criticism continues to be his tweet saying Reps. Ilhan OmarAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib ought to “go back” to the “crime-infested” nations they came from. Additionally, the Commander-in-Chief failed to quell chants at a Greenville, North Carolina, rally last week when people cried “send her back” in reference to Omar.

McCain condemned Trump’s remarks before speaking to how “fascinating” she felt the dialogue surrounding them has been along the party lines.

“We spent our entire week last week talking about how racist and xenophobic the original comments and the chants were, and I stand by that statement,” she says. “I will say that AOC’s chief of staff tweeted. He compared moderate Democrats … to segregationists and said they were, quote, enabling a racist system.

“I compared it to fratricide because there is this deep infighting within the Democratic Party, and not just ‘The Squad,’ [as Trump has referred to the freshman Dems] because there are more members of the Democratic Party that have the same similar views that ‘The Squad’ has, and more moderate Democrats,” she continues. “And, I also think when Rashida Tlaib goes on ‘CBS This Morning’ and she says to Nancy Pelosi, ‘Acknowledge the fact they are women of color, so when you single us out, be aware of that and what you are doing, especially because some of us are getting death threats.’

“And I still think the debate between ‘The Squad’ and Nancy Pelosi and more moderate Democrats is what Trump wants,” she went on. “As long as they are the face of the Democratic Party, which I know there are people in here that are probably fans of theirs, but there are a lot of moderate Democrats in the country that maybe aren’t on board with some of the radical things that they have said. He needs someone to fight with, and he needs an enemy, and right now they antithesize everything.”

Co-host Joy Behar cut in to say that “in-fighting” within the Democratic party is “a purging of differences” that would be useful in the Republican party.

McCain, however, stood by her oft-repeated claim that Dems should stick together to fight their common enemy of Trump. She added that the president is “trying to make [the freshman Democrats] the face” because of the party’s division.

Then, Hostin stated she disagreed about them being the face of the party.

“They are trying to make them the face but they’re not the face,” she says.

“They are hugely powerful,” McCain says as she raises her voice. “They are our hot topic every single day now.”

It was then that Golberg shouted, “We can get as loud as we want to, but I still have to go to break,” before tossing to commercial.

As the camera pulled away, however, McCain refused to le go and repeated her point that “The Squad” has been part of the show’s “Hot Topics” segment daily.

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