Meghan McCain Finds Way to Make Omar’s ‘Send Her Back’ Incident About Herself and Gets Appropriately Dragged for It

Meghan McCain angered critics Thursday when she complained that President Donald Trump‘s racist attacks against Rep. Ilhan Omar were taking away her ability to criticize the Muslim congresswoman herself.

The resident conservative “The View” co-host decried Trump’s latest screed against Omar as “really dystopian,” recalling how the president urged the Somali immigrant and three other congresswomen of color to “go back” where they came from.

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain, 34, criticized Donald Trump’s attacks against Rep. Ilhan Omar and described his latest rally as “dystopian.” (The View / video screenshot)

On Wednesday, Trump continued his attacks against Omar at a raucous campaign rally in North Carolina, where his supporters broke into a chant of “send her back!” The next day McCain, 34, said the racist spectacle was enough to sour her night out with relatives.

“I was trying to go out to dinner and ignore politics,” she told her co-hosts. “My family is in town, and came home and saw it on Twitter and then saw it on TV, and look.”

The Fox News alum slammed the president’s remarks against Omar — but not for their sheer racism.

“Everyone at this table, [and] I think, people that watch this show, or have ever seen the dumpster fire of my interview with Seth Meyers know that I have been one of Ilhan Omar’s most vocal critics regarding Israel, regarding some of her comments I and others interpreted as anti-Semitic,” McCain said. “But the problem right now is you’re taking away my agency to criticize her policy.”

“You’re making this about race, xenophobia, racism,” she added. “I think anytime you’re hitting in a territory where you’re telling any American citizen of a different color than you, to send them back, I too didn’t think this is something I would see in my country, especially going into 2020.”

It was only a matter of time before social media critics nailed McCain to the wall for managing to making the situation about herself, a habit she’s been criticized for in the past.

“Meghan is as narcissistic and incapable of self-reflection as Trump,” one Twitter user wrote.

Never underestimate @MeghanMcCain‘s ability to always make herself into a victim,” another chimed  in.

One critic joked: “Meghan McCain could teach an entire course in white womaning. No one white womans the way Meghan McCain white womans.”

As the outrage grew, McCain took to Twitter to issue an apology and clarify her comments.

“I am sorry,” she wrote. “I was trying to say Trump’s racist tweets and the horrific chanting prevent us from arguing about critical policy issues. It’s my fault for using language that has led people to feel frustrated. I would like to strive for more productive conversations all around.”

Watch more in the video below.

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