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‘You Start Floating Every Time You Blink’: Alexis Skyy’s Sexy Post Derails after Fans Get Distracted by ‘Ridiculous’ Lashes

“Love and Hip Hop: New York” personality Alexis Skyy is known for her bold looks, and the 25-year-old isn’t afraid to flaunt her stuff for TV or the ’Gram. On Monday, July 15, Skyy uploaded a video to her official Instagram page @AlexisSkyy_ rocking a little black dress with lace in the bust area from Fashion Nova, a gold chain, silver and gold bracelets, and completed her look with a silk press down her back and a beat makeup look. In the video, Skyy can be seen checking herself out in the mirror while combing her fingers through her hair. “Little black dress @fashionnova,” Skyy captioned her video.

Alexis Skyy in Miami, Florida. @alexisskyy/Instagram

While Skyy was feeling herself, followers of the VH1 reality star weren’t necessarily here for her bold makeup look. 

“Take them damn lashes off sis,” one social media user wrote.

“😂🤣😂 those lashes look like 💩.” 

“Jesus them some big ass eyelashes, you start floating every time you blink sheesh.” 

“Sexy…..but them eyelashes are looking a little suspect.”

“The lashes are ridiculous.” 

“Those lashes can fly.”

However, some fans were loving Skyy’s look and complimented the urban model.

“Eyelashes though🔥.” 

“Baby, you so on point.” 

“Those lashes is everything.” 

“The lashes 😍.” 

“Love ur lashes.” 

“Them Lashes 😍💕.” 

This isn’t the first time the reality star has gone too far with her makeup. On June 9, Skyy took a photo in a car while spending some time in Memphis.

“Kept it real with all you niggas, I’m just too honest,” Skyy wrote in her caption.

While she was styling in a latex tube top and cheetah print pants, it was her over the top makeup that had everyone talking.

“This makeup artist or photoshop u did made u look hella fake.. Michael Jackson vibes.. u pretty wh ur natural tbh 🤦‍♀️.”

“That makeup does absolutely nothing for you your way prettier than that horrible makeup got u lookin damn!”

“U got on too much makeup it’s making u look fake af 😩!

The “LHH” star recently celebrated her 25th birthday in Atlanta.

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