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T.I. in ‘Drumline?’ Rapper Ribs Nick Cannon About Beating Him for Lead Role in Popular Film

Could you imagine T.I. playing the role of Devon Miles in the 2002 film “Drumline” instead of Nick Cannon?

That could’ve been the case, because Tip auditioned for the lead role but it went to Cannon instead, which shot him into the stratosphere of fame and celebrity.

The “Paper Trail” rapper stopped by the station Power 106 earlier this week to be a guest on Cannon’s morning program “Close Conversation.” Last month it was revealed that Cannon took the new radio gig after Big Boy from 92.3 spilled the beans.

“You want to talk about the fun time you beat me, huh, n—a?” said T.I. to Cannon about the “Drumline” role. “But you were much better. You actually learned how to play the drums. I didn’t plan on doing that. I had to get ‘ATL.’ My movie was better than yours.”

The two celebs also talked about how long they’ve known each other, and T.I. said he admires the “Wild ‘n Out” host for staying true to himself. The rapper also admitted that he was initially surprised at Cannon’s success.

“I f–k with Nick. I love him. He’s truly one of the most respected brothers in the game for being completely square,” he stated.

After the interview was shared online, some debated about which movie was better, “ATL,” which T.I. starred in with Lauren London, or “Drumline.”

“Man that’s a tough question atl or drumline,” someone wrote on YouTube. “Slight edge to atl but man it’s close af.”

“ATL hands DOWN!!! S/o to Drumline,” wrote another.

“Drumline vs ATL idk which one I got, grew up on both of em!!” a third person commented.

There were also people who said they can’t picture Tip being in “Drumline” instead of Cannon.

“T.I leading role in drumline 😂😂😂 can’t see it,” one person wrote.

“Ti in drumline doesnt seem right lol,” wrote another.

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