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‘You Better Water That Garden’: T.I.’s Extravagant Gift to Wife Tiny on Her 44th Birthday Dazzles Fans

T.I. and Tiny Harris‘ marriage has gone through the wringer within the past year or so, but the couple has appeared to be on good terms of late. So when Tiny’s 44th birthday rolled around this past weekend, Tip went all out for his leading lady.

“Here is a toast for the real one!” Tip said in a Sunday, July 14, toast that saw him place what looked to be a diamond and ruby-encrusted chain in one of the ice-filled glasses. “Forever be full and heavy and icy. For now and evermore… cheers!”

As an unsuspecting Tiny sipped her beverage, Tip asked if she found the glass to be as heavy as the first one. The singer ultimately pulled out the pricy gift and planted a huge kiss on her hubby to thank him.

But it wasn’t just the toast and the gift that left a mark on Tiny. Her husband also wrote a loving ode to her in the video’s caption.

“All Bulls–t aside… It’s A pleasure to Show Out & Pipe UP for the Queen 👑 Each and every year…. Happy Birthday Mrs. Harris. We’re all thankful & blessed to have you in our lives, reminding us that Life is for Laughter & Living!!! I’m fasho gon see to it that your cup runneth over with All my Love, Forever More… Side Note: The best is yet to come…. Ain’t no turnin’ down Jack!!!! TUH😤 Not on MY watch👀… HellisYouSayin FOOL🤨?!?! #HappyBirthdayMrsH #NobodyDoesItLikeBigDaddyHarris,” T.I. wrote.

Fans heaped on the praise for the way the Atlanta-based rapper treated his woman on her special day.

“Boi you better water that garden 😍 that’s what I’m talking about ❤️ Happy Birthdaaaaay Tiny….Wishing you many more years of blessings !!!!”

“Nice Move T.I.P”

“That was dope tip….”

Tiny herself also expressed appreciation. The star, who also showed off how Tip decorated their home and told him “Thx Daddy” on her Instagram story, didn’t hold back in the comments section.

“I love u so much…thank you for all the amazing surprises u put together for my bday & all the endless love u give me!! So thankful for u Big Head🤪 I’m even more stoked about what’s to come but nothing tops spending my life with you!! U already know this.. but u the Muthafukn Man Big Daddy👑😻😋🥰😘🙌🏽👏🏽💯”

Tiny and T.I. have gone through serious issues with infidelity on T.I.’s part.

In June 2018, Tip was caught slapping the rear end of “Greenleaf” actress  Asia’h Epperson backstage at his concert in Indiana. The resulting fallout included Tiny mulling filing for divorce from her spouse for a second time, but the pair ultimately decided to remain married. After T.I. initially moved out that year, 2019 saw them back to living in one home with their children.

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