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Patti LaBelle Announces New Frozen Soul Food Line Partnership With Walmart

Patti LaBelle has expanded her food empire by adding a new line of frozen soul foods.

The legendary singer, who’s partnered with Walmart for the venture, introduced the line Saturday at the 25th annual Essence Festival, which includes her six-cheese “Over the Rainbow” macaroni and cheese.

In fact, she made the dish at the festival with the help of New Orleans chef Kenneth Temple and gave some of the audience members a few samples.

“Coming soon to a Walmart near you, you’ll have my savory foods,” LaBelle told the crowd. “There will be nine skus, foods like macaroni and cheese. It’s greens, it’s brisket, it’s chicken and biscuits, and five more I can’t think of them.” 

Later during the presentation, the Philadelphia native told everyone to enjoy her food but do so moderately. LaBelle also revealed that although she often cooks dishes like macaroni and cheese, she typically doesn’t eat them because of her condition.

“Health is important, I’m a diabetic,” she explained. “And when I make macaroni and cheese I don’t usually eat it, I taste it, because I am a diabetic for 25 years. Ladies and gentlemen, you have to take care of yourselves and eat healthier. But eat.”

LaBelle made the announcement about the soul food line about three months after it was revealed that she teamed up with restaurateur Stratis Morfogen to launch a line of frozen Chinese foods. LaBelle’s son Zuri Edwards is also part of the deal, since he’s one of her business partners.

Of course, the “New Attitude” singer has been known for her pies ever since she partnered with Walmart years ago, and besides her famous sweet potato, she offers buttermilk pie, red velvet, caramel and chocolate cakes, a host of cobblers and other desserts.

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