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‘Just Turn It In’: Toni Braxton Testifies in Court After Cleaning Crew Member Reportedly Steals Engagement Ring From Delta Flight

Months after Toni Braxton‘s engagement ring from Birdman went missing, the singer is heading to court to testify against the airline cleaning worker who allegedly lifted it.

A man who worked on staff to clean up a Delta Airlines flight Braxton took in November is on trial for allegedly going through the singer’s carry-on luggage she forgot on the plane when she traveled from New York to Los Angeles, TMZ reported July 11. Sources told the outlet that three other personnel members said they were on the plane and saw the defendant steal the “Un-break My Heart” singer’s $1 million engagement ring, four high-priced watches — two of which were Rolexes and one of which was Cartier — as well as two sets of vintage earrings. In total, the supposed thief snatched $2.5 million worth of jewelry.

“I am here today because the lovely detectives of L.A. have discovered that my ring was, indeed, stolen,” Braxton told photogs as she made her way inside the courthouse Thursday. “I’m optimistic of finding it … It was definitely stolen.”

Braxton didn’t say she was planning to sue the Atlanta-based airline, only that she was “just trying to get the ring back for now.”

“I would love for the person to have remorse and just turn it in,” she said after her testimony. “We can just be done with it.”

The star said the Los Angeles Police Department told her someone must have gotten caught with the ring, which was not on her finger at the time of her flight last year.

“I have lupus so when I travel, I have to take my jewelry off because I swell. So I put it in my train case before I got on the plane even,” she said, adding that when the ring went missing her fiancé “wasn’t happy.” And even though he’s told her he’ll get her a new ring, Braxton says she prefers to have the original rock.

The star also was hush-hush when asked about a wedding date, only admitting it will be “soon.”

In late November 2018, Braxton tweeted to Delta that she left her bag on a flight from New York to L.A. and requested someone help locating it.

“Hey @Delta I left my LV train case on my flight from JFK to LAX on Tuesday,” the performer tweeted at the time. “It’s been impossible to get any type of assistance from anyone in the company. Can someone let Delta know I’m trying to get in contact with them? I’ve tried to no avail. Please help, you’re my favorite airlines.”

When she found the luggage, she discovered it had been rifled through and her huge engagement ring from her fiancé was missing.

“Whoever borrowed it please return it. I promise no questions asked,” Braxton tweeted after the fact.

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