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Toni Braxton’s Engagement Ring From Birdman Stolen: ‘Whoever Borrowed It Please Return It’

It’s the case of the missing ring or in this instance, possibly the stolen ring.

Toni Braxton recently sent a tweet to Delta airlines and said she accidentally left a piece of luggage behind on a flight. What’s even worse, her colossal sized engagement ring given to her by Birdman was inside, and she quickly tired to remedy the situation.

Toni Braxton's engagement ring was stolen on Delta airlines


“Hey @Delta I left my LV train case on my flight from JFK to LAX on Tuesday,” tweeted Toni. “It’s been impossible to get any type of assistance from anyone in the company. Can someone let Delta know I’m trying to get in contact with them? I’ve tried to no avail. Please help, you’re my favorite airlines.”

Fortunately for the singer, her luggage was located a day later, but it was rifled through and the ring, as well as other jewelry items were missing. So Toni sent another tweet and said whoever took the ring can return it without getting into hot water.

“Hey everyone, @Delta located my LV Train Case. Yay,” wrote Toni. “Unfortunately, most of my jewelry items are missing, including my engagement ring. Whoever borrowed it please return it. I promise no questions asked.”

Delta already sent a tweet to the “Un-break My Heart” singer, expressed regret and said they’d do some investigating.

“Hi Toni,” someone from the airline tweeted. “I am sorry to hear this and my sincere apologies. I see that you were in contact with a team member at the airport. One moment please as I look into this.”

The singer’s followers also said they were sorry about the ring, but at least one person asked what some might consider a pretty darn good question.

“Now Toni, shouldn’t that ring have been on your finger?” asked someone named Theo Smith.

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