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‘His Neck Bout to Break’: Alexis Skyy’s Bodacious Body Turns Heads in IG Post

Love and Hip Hop: New York” actress Alexis Skyy apparently knows how to entice her fans and supporters with her jaw-dropping looks.

The reality star apparently attracts all eyes on her when she arrives on the scene, and never goes unnoticed. In one of Skyy’s recent photo, fans couldn’t help but notice a man seemingly drooling at the sight of her.

Skyy took to her Instagram on Tuesday and posted herself double cheeked up at an event. It’s unclear as to where she was, but she was draped in super sexy attire including a curve-hugging leopard print jumper and black platform heels. She opted for a full-glammed makeup guise, including a bold pink lipstick, and wore her signature jet black tresses.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy. @alexisskyy/Instagram

The “LHHNY” star’s overall mien apparently called for a picture-ready moment. Standing outside in the middle of the street, surrounded by onlookers, she seductively posed with her ample bottom towards the camera.

“Bite me, bite me That excite me,” she wrote in her photo caption.

Fans instantly noticed the male passerby in black who was wearing glasses, seemingly gawking at Skyy.

“Damn is his neck okay? 😕 He about to break it from staring so hard 😂 YOU GO GIRL.”

“Who is homie in the back? Girl his neck about to break looking at you that damn hard 😂.”

“😍😍🤣 dude in the back about to break his neck but s–t I don’t blame him tho 🤤.”

“I’m mans in the back 🤣 i’m peeping hard as hell before shootin my shot damn 🤦🏾‍♀️😍.”

It seems a lot of Skyys’ followers and celebrity men don’t mind shooting their shot at the 24-year-old celeb including Robert Kardashian.

The 32-year-old father of one and Skyy were rumored to be dating earlier this year and were spotted on social media having dinner together in January. Skyy was seen at what appeared to be Kardashian’s mother’s Calabasas, California, mansion, cooking dinner for him while sipping on a glass of wine.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian were rumored to be dating earlier this year. (Photos: @alexisskyy/Instagram, Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

In return, Kardashian deemed the urban model his “Woman Crush Wednesday,” writing on a photo of hers “My WCW… I’ve been wanting you for so long.”

It’s unclear if whether or not Skyy and Kardashian are supposedly still dating, but on their social media pages they have not posted any photos of each other in months.

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