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Dwyane Wade To Release a Documentary On His Life and Career: ‘It’s Been a Roller Coaster Ride’

Dwyane Wade has a documentary coming on ESPN next year that will depict his last NBA season, his 16 years in the league, and his life off the basketball court.

The doc will be produced by Wade’s production company 59th and Prairie Entertainment, according to Deadline, as well as Imagine Documentaries. Wade retired at the end of this season after racking up three championships with the Miami Heat and 13 All-Star Game appearances.

There will also be never-before-seen footage in the release, and it’ll more than likely capture some of Wade’s home life. In 2014 he married the actress Gabrielle Union, which added another level of celebrity to both of their brands.

The trailer for the documentary surfaced on Wednesday, and it shows Wade right before his final game in the league against the Brooklyn Nets. He’s in the locker room nursing an injury in the clip and thinks he might not be able to play.

In a statement, Wade explained what viewers should expect from the project and said he’s incredibly excited about it.

“I’m looking forward to sharing this very personal documentary that peels back the layers of my emotional sixteen season journey with all of its twists and turns, and peaks and valleys,” he said. “It has been a roller coaster ride and the never-before seen footage will show my fans how I’ve made my own way throughout this incredible adventure.”

And besides the documentary, the Olympic gold medal winner is also releasing a memoir titled “3 Dimensional” that’ll be out this fall. It’ll go all the way back to his days of growing up on the South Side of Chicago and playing at Harold L. Richards High School.

The book will also cover his college career at Marquette, then follow him into the 2003 NBA Draft, where he was selected fifth overall. It’ll touch on some of Wade’s life principles as well.

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