50 Cent Hits Back at Sylvester Stallone After Actor Disses Movie They Were Both In

50 Cent responded to a post by Sylvester Stallone about hating a movie they were both in called “Escape Plan 2,” which came out in 2018.

Stallone is currently plugging the follow-up film “Escape Plan: The Extractors” that he and 50 are also in, and Stallone said part two was one of the worst movies he’s ever been in, mainly because it was horribly produced.

“Here I am with my lifetime friend, and Director, JOHN HERZFELD, Who directed the upcoming film Escape Plan 3 – The Extractors!” wrote Stallone on Thursday.

He also included a sneak peek of the new film and said it was far better than the last “Escape Plan” movie.

“Escape Plan 2 WAS TRULY THE MOST HORRIBLY PRODUCED FILM I have ever had the misfortune to be in,” the actor stated. “But this new film was made in an extraordinarily short amount of time, 17 nights, dusk till dawn, no breaks, we ate while we worked!!!!”

50 responded to Stallone in a now deleted Instagram message and didn’t seem to like the 72-year-old dissed a movie that he was a part of. The rapper’s post seemed kind of playful, but some might say it’s truly hard to tell.

“How the f-ck I’m in the worst movie Rambo made?” wrote 50.

The G-Unit leader then blamed film and TV producer Randall Emmett for the botched “Escape Plan 2” movie. Emmett is the same person who allegedly owed 50 money and went to the emergency room after believing he might’ve had a heart attack after the rapper got aggressive with him.

“[W]hy the f-ck Rocky say that,” wrote Fif about Stallone’s message. “[T]his your f–king fault Randall.”

“Escape Plan: The Extractors” premiered Thursday June 27.

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