‘My MVP’: Rihanna Has Fans In Their Feelings After Emotional Reunion With Teacher

Rihanna had people reaching for their Kleenex after she posted a video of herself running into her old gym teacher Roddy Estwick, who’s now the assistant coach for the West Indies cricket team.

The superstar singer bumped into Estwick at the Cricket World Cup in England and broke into tears.

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That’s because she said Estwick had a major influence on her when she attended Combermere School in Barbados, and he was more like a parent than an instructor.

In the clip, Rihanna can be seen hugging Estwick, as her tears are hidden by her sunglasses. They also exchange a couple of words, and the “Rude Boy” creator also posted a photo.

“My mentor, my champ, my MVP, my school teacher, my first Jay Brown,” she wrote. “#MrEstwick. You made my day.”

According to Barbados Today, Rihanna also spoke about Estwick at the Cricket World Cup, where her beloved West Indies fell to Sri Lanka.

“I love this man. I came here to see the match and was cheering West Indies to a victory,” she said. “They played great but we just didn’t make it. But I also wanted to see Mr Estwick. He made a lasting impact on my life, and he really offered great advice to me and many others when we were at school at Combermere.”

“I just wanted to let everyone know what he meant to me in my development and what he did for us back at school in Barbados,” added the singer.

Once people saw the clip and read what Rihanna wrote about the teacher, they let her know how touched they were.

“Awwwww ❤️❤️❤️ This was beautiful,” someone wrote on Instagram.

“❤️ this made me tear! Just love her!!” wrote another.

“He was father when she needed it. She can’t ever forget him,” a third person commented.

A lot of other people also said the clip shows how crucial teachers are, and how their salaries should be increased.

“This is why teachers are important and need to get paid more!!!!” someone commented.

Rihanna also posed for a photo with Estwick and some of his players.


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