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‘Oop’: NeNe Leakes Calls Former Friend Cynthia Bailey ‘Desperate’ and Weak for ‘Turning on Her’

It looks like “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes embraced her apparent title as miss “shady boots” after hurling a few insults at former bestie Cynthia Bailey.

The 51-year-old reality star who just recently confirmed she’ll be joining season 12 of “RHOA,” didn’t hold back her thoughts about her old pal in a recent interview with 93.9 the Morning Hustle. Both her and Bailey are slated to attend Bravo’s Pride Parade on Sunday, June 30 and will appear on the parade float together along with a few other of their cast-mates. Leakes however said she’s not bothered one bit about crossing paths with the model and plans on giving her the silent treatment.

“I do not plan to talk to her,” the longtime RHOA veteran said. “I feel sorry for her. I can say hello, I can stand beside her, I just ain’t got no convo.”

NeNe Leakes
(Left) NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey. @neneleakes, @cynthiabailey10/Instagram

Leakes went onto say that she considered Bailey as a “real friend” even when the cameras weren’t rolling, but felt the model fell “victim to doing whatever she need to do to be on the show” and said she on the other hand is “not that girl.”

“If we down, we down!” Leakes exclaimed. “Now the producers ain’t gone be able to tell me nothing. … They would never be able to come to me and say ‘you need to turn on Cynthia’ because I’ll be like you know that ain’t gone never happen.”

She continued, “They can tell her that though because she’s weaker. She’s definitely weak. … She looks really desperate. She’s doing whatever she needs to do to try and stay on the show. … It’s really sad.”

The former “Apprentice” added that Bailey has “done a lot that people don’t even know about.”

Although Bailey has yet to address Leakes’ shade thrown at her, she seemingly referred to their bad blood in a post on Saturday, writing, “don’t throw (bricks) throw (love).”

The RHOA stars’ off and on again friendship came to a screeching halt during season 11 of the Bravo series when Kenya Moore, Leakes arch nemesis, appeared at Bailey’s launch party much to Leakes’ chagrin. The model however maintains that she had no idea the former Miss USA would be there.

As for what fans think, they had a lot to say about the twosome’s feud and Leakes recent jabs at Bailey.

“At this point Nene just makes herself look bitter and miserable 🤦🏿‍♀️ all this because Kenya came to her friend Cynthia’s event.”

“Oop! I personally don’t feel like Cynthia should still be on the show 🤷🏾‍♂️ she’s not interesting no more since peter and her split.”

“I see what she’s saying. I’ve said it from the jump. Nene would never sacrifice a friendship for the intents and purposes of having a storyline. Say what you want about her. She’d never do that. But Cynthia has – twice! “

“Cynthia may have been Nene’s friend but Nene was never hers! What ever happened to ‘no comment’?! 🤦🏾‍♀️ But yet you don’t hold grudges 🙄.”
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