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Ciara’s Date Night With Russell Wilson Sparks Debate About Chivalry

In the latest round of Ciara and husband Russell Wilson stunting on the gram, the couple found themselves at the center of a heated controversy concerning how men and women should behave on dates.

When the Seattle Seahawks quarterback pulled up to the couple’s sprawling estate in a classic convertible, he walked around and opened the door for his wife before walking to the driver’s side and heading to their destination.

“A lil old school wit it ❤️ #DateNight,” the singer captioned the video, which was soundtracked to Sting’s “Shape of My Heart.”

Many fans praised Wilson for helping his woman get into the vehicle.

“Chivalry is not dead ladies! You get what you deserve when you know your worth! You go Ciara!💞 #KnowYourWorth,”

“A man who still opens the door! #chivalry 💜”

“Chivalry does exist…🙏🏽”

However, several followers took issue with the fact that she broke an old school dating rule that was popularized by the 1993 movie “A Bronx Tale.”

“Listen to me, kid. If she doesn’t reach over, lift up that button for you, so you can get in, that means she’s a selfish broad and all you’re seeing is the tip of the iceberg,” local mobster leader Sonny LoSpecchio tells teenage Italian-American protagonist Calogero Anello. “You dump her and dump her fast.”

So, Ciara’s followers promptly got on to her about failing to help her hubby into the car in a similar fashion as he did for her.

“She ain’t reach over and unlock his door, she ain’t one of the greats lol.”

“Ceecee you was suppose to lean over and open his door boo, don’t let that happen again ❤️”

“@ciara sister you failed this one..rule is a man opens the door for his girl and in return she reaches over to open for him.. @sagitarious_24 did that date one for me and been together 16 years later… @dangerouswilson #sonnyrules.”

“Ciara did not watch A Bronx Tale, gotta reach over and unlock/open the door sis 😂😂”

Still, others waved off the notion as outdated advice on love.

“So she should pattern her life according to a movie now?”

“Nope, not lifting a finger sis. She did right.”

No matter what the fans think, Ciara and Wilson are certainly enjoying soaking up time together during the NFL star’s offseason and the singer’s downtime before she tours in support of her album “Beauty Marks” this fall. The couple trekked to Cannes, France, at the end of last month with daughter Sienna Princess and made time to get silly and a little frisky while on the road as Ciara danced to some tunes.

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