‘Here For This’:’Black Ink Crew: Compton’ Slated to Premiere as Cast Is Revealed

It seems filming for the upcoming season of the “Black Ink Crew: Compton” spinoff series is in full effect and the new cast has recently been revealed.

In April, it was reported that a new series was in production to join the “Black Ink Crew” franchise and will become the third franchise in the VH1 series, following the New York show that has aired for seven seasons and “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” which has ran for five.

“Black Ink Crew: Compton,” which is set to air its two-hour premiere on July 30, will focus on Danny “KP” Kilpatrick, the boyfriend of actress Kyla Pratt and his crew at what Deadline reports is Compton’s first-ever tattoo shop, IAM Compton. KP’s posse includes tattoo artists Lemeir, Nessie, Ink Drippin, Vudu Dahl, his cousin Tim, who’s the shop manager, and Barbie, his assistant.

Black Ink Crew: Compton
Danny “KP” Kilpatrick. (Photo: @iamcompton/Instagram)

KP who proclaims himself as the “Prince of Compton” has done tattoos for music producer Diddy, Hollywood actress Taraji P. Henson and more. Being the owner of IAM Compton, KP wanted to create a “safe zone” in their community and represent their city in a manner that rises above stereotypes of Compton according to Deadline. They’ve apparently become known as “a crew among gangs.”

KP and his crew began filming around early June, according to a fan’s Instagram page.


“Black Ink Crew: Compton” is being produced by VH1 and Big Fish Entertainment.

Social media seems anxious for the new VH1 series to premiere.

“Theres gonna be a Black Ink Compton coming out…looordddddd 🤦.”

“B–ch Kyla Pratt’s baby daddy is gonna be the main man on black ink crew Compton? YES 😲.”

“So they have a black ink Compton coming I’m so here for this.”

“I feel just as uneasy about Black Ink Crew Compton as I did about the idea of a Love and Hip Hop New Orleans 🙌.”

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