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‘Fix This Dennis!’ Porsha Williams’ Birthday Wish from Ex-Fiancé Derailed by Fans Begging Him to Make Things Right

Real Housewives” star Porsha Williams is celebrating a birthday and her ex-fiancé is sending nothing but love and well-wishes in the wake of their recent split.

Dennis McKinley. @workwincelebrate /Instagram

“Happy 38! ❤️🙏🏾 ,” Dennis McKinley captioned an IG post celebrating his ex’s birthday, sharing a throwback pic of Williams from June 22, 2018.

The photo shows a red-haired Williams dressed in all white with a bouquet of bright red roses cradled in her arms. The two had recently begun dating at the time.

McKinley’s post wishing the mother of his child a happy birthday was quickly derailed, however, by fans urging him to make things right and fight for his family. The two recently celebrated the birth of their baby girl, Pilar Jhena, better known as P.J., and were headed down the aisle before their relationship went south.

“FIX THIS, DENNIS. 😭😭😭😭😭💕,” one fan commented.

“Dude, get your family back,” another chimed in. “EVERYONE has made mistakes but your family is worth fighting for 💯.”

Another fan expressed how much she admired the couple’s relationship, and wrote: “If this break up is real, I pray [that] you guys work things out. Little PJ would love to have her parents together. Get your woman Dennis pull out all the stops!”

Others turned their attention to Williams and urged the reality star to “forgive this man for whateva he did 😩.”

“We learn from our mistakes; that’s how we grow,” another fan commented. “It’s okay to forgive. Don’t miss out on a good man like @workwincelebrate because of your pride.”

The first signs of trouble in paradise came late last month when Williams, her sister Lauren, and her mom, Ms. Diane, all un-followed McKinley on social media. Rumors that the recently engaged couple had officially called it quits were further fueled by Williams’ underwhelming Father’s Day post to Dennis.

“👨🏾‍🦲👼🏽Happy 1st Fathers Day Dennis! Pj @pilarjhena is blessed to have such a wonderful dad like you. It’s beautiful to witness the bond you have with our tiny angel. 📸 @mhaleyphoto,” she wrote.

The ex-lovers have since unfollowed each other on social media, with Williams scrubbing her social media pages of Dennis completely.

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