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‘Extremely Ignorant’: UK Rapper Stefflon Don Comes Under Fire for Co-Opting Black Lives Matter Motif in Video

Was the U.K .rapper Stefflon Don trying to get herself canceled? Some might say it seemed that way after she uploaded a video that many called either insensitive or dead wrong.

On Thursday Don promoted a new song with the clip, which showed her being handcuffed by a police officer and yelling “Black Lives Matter.”

British rapper Stefflon Don was accused of making light of the Black Lives Matter movement. (Photo: Aaron J. Thornton / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

She also captioned the clip and wrote, “Bloodclaat mi a get locked up Black Lives Matter.” The rapper included a smiling face emoji too.

Right away, at least one person told Don to remove the post, considering she sent it on Juneteenth, but that only seemed to get her upset.

“Tell America yall need a new President,” she wrote in a now-deleted message. “Get your sensitive ass out of my comments plz about Black Lives ain’t no joke who da f-q said it was? And if you aint physically done nothing about it then definitely don’t say nothing because you don’t really care you think typing on insta will solve your problems lol.”

Don then told that person she was ignorant.

“Educate your self,” wrote the rapper. “By the way slavery aint no joke either but you still tune in to watch the movie that makes the same white man who enslaved you money and you applaud it and they get rewarded for it now go underneath the real enemies comments not mine.”

From there, a horn might as well have sounded with someone announcing “let the cancellation begin,” because the British rapper was skewered on Twitter.

“Can we please deport this immigrant and ban her from entering America please,” one person tweeted.

“Stefflon Don is an extremely ignorant and vapid woman,” another wrote. “The African Giant’s Wife you know. You hate to see it.”

“Is she trying to promote her music?? Why is she using Black Lives matter in a joking way??” a third person asked. “Some of these celebrities are freaking weirdos.”

The 27-year-old hasn’t responded to the backlash yet, neither on Instagram or Twitter.

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