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‘Don’t Get Mad it’s the Truth’: ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Shut Down Shaunie O’Neil’s Clapback

A recent clapback Shaunie O’Neil issued to a fan did not go in her favor.

The star and executive producer of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” took a few moments to respond to fan tweets in a sit-down uploaded by the Viacom-owned network ahead of the reality show’s season 8 premiere next week.

One fan’s tweet read, “Shaunie is cool, but that was the 1 thing that always irritated me about her; she wants to be EP & be on the show but be exempt & threaten ppl for callin & cussin her out. If u don’t want to be treated like a worker, don’t be down in the trenches w/ them. Simple. #BasketballWives.”

The memo was made during a point in season 7 when O’Neil was keeping her distance from Jennifer Wiliams. At issue was Williams’ involvement in spreading a rumor that Evelyn Lozada slept with one of the EP’s exes.

The tweet got a response from O’Neil in the Tuesday clip.

“So, when you EP your show, you let me know how that works out, OK? Until then, shut the f–k up,” the star responds tersely at around the 2:00 mark, gazing straight into the camera.

However, among fans of the show, there was a general consensus that the fan was right.

“I saw nothing wrong with the tweet.”

“That attitude u r putting up right there is exactly what the fan is saying @shaunieoneal5 …it’s so annoying and Brandy was so right about u Ms Shauny…u act like a supervisor in that show…supervising school kids. Leave these ladies to do what they know best ..that’s the reason why u made this show. It’s a reality show allow them to be as they cab be..if they need discipline they will ask u for it. ‘just saying’ even tho u might come on me with he same attitude lol.”

“the fan spoke facts !!don’t get mad its the truth.”

“In other words: You’re right and I have nothing intelligent to clap-back with but ‘I have a show and you don’t.’ 🙄😂”

O’Neil has been called out previously for appearing to be the ringmaster behind the show’s drama.

In January, she reposted a meme from Snoop Dogg on Instagram that had fans accusing her of stirring the pot among the cast.

“If we can’t help each other win…..I don’t want the relationship, the friendship or the association,” the meme read.

Plus, O’Neil added in the caption, “If you were wondering why we’re not cool 😉”

“You’re FAKE ASF !!!” one fan responded.

“Switched up on @tamiroman !! HOW DARE YOU,” said another.

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