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‘Nooooooooooo’: Courtney Kemp Causes Great Sadness After Reminding People That ‘Power’ Is Soon Ending

As was announced in May, “Power” will be ending after its next season, which people expressed immediate sadness over. And that wave of disappointment has risen again after show creator Courtney Kemp shared a post that reminded everyone.

“You know it’s the end when people’s chairbacks start going missing,” she wrote Wednesday on Instagram next to a photo of two director’s chairs with no names on them.


The reactions that followed were split. Some left comments about being heartbroken about the show ending, while others wrote about how much they admire what Kemp was able to pull off.

“This show will definitely go down in the books,” one fan wrote.

“Nooooooooooo😥😥😥💙 huge fan,” another commented. “So sad its coming to an end.”

“So proud of what you’ve done! This is just the beginning! 🙌🏿👊🏿❤🔥,” a third viewer weighed in.

Kemp’s post came shortly after “Power” reached its five-year anniversary on June 7, and on that day she shared a touching thank you message. She also revealed it was her last time at the Penthouse, a place where the series was shot.

“Thank you cast, crew, fans and most of all GOD for this experience, for all the tears and laughs on this set,” she wrote. “Goodbye to the penthouse for the final time. I remember the first time we shot there and last night I was there for the last. It’s really the end.” 

“Y are y’all ending this?” one seemingly confused fan wrote below.

“Power’s” season 6 premiere will be on August 25, but on August 20 executive producer 50 Cent will host a showing in New York’s Madison Square Garden, where he’ll also perform. There will be “special guests” in attendance as well.

The event is open to the public, and those interested can RSVP on July 9 through a link.

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