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‘That’s a No’: Ciara Debuts New Summer Cut, but Fans Aren’t Quite Feeling It

Ciara recently rocked some faux locs, but now she apparently has lopped off nearly all her hair for a much shorter ‘do.

The singer on Tuesday debuted a summer-ready look in the form of a pixie cut on Instagram.

“Chop it awf ☺️😘…” Ciara captioned the clip, where she prepared to hit the red carpet at the 23rd Annual ACE Awards June 10.

While the smiling star appeared to love the new cut, several fans were against it.

“That’s a No.”

“No! You natural curly hair please 🙏🏽”

“No Ciara no 😩😩😩”

“Nooooooooooooo!!!! Why????❤️”

“No you did not chop all that hair offff 😭”

However, some fans adored the look.

“No matter how you ware your hair, you look amazing Ciara. I love the new look👍😊🤗.”

“With your bone structure, you can rock any hairstyle.”

“Yessssssss, killing this look😍”

“😍😍 and still poppin with the short do sheesh . What cant you do? 🖤”

Just a day earlier, the star had rocked a full, curly high ponytail while on the set of a project in New York. Before getting her faux locs installed earlier this month, the singer previously showed off just how much her hair had grown.

“I just took my hair down from my two pigtails,” she said in an April video posted to her Instagram page. “And I’m so proud because my hair is growing! Yayyy! I’ll tell you guys the secrets later!”

She added in the caption that when she was younger and got a relaxer to straighten her hair, she experienced hair loss. However, seeing her current progress made her proud.

The following month, Ciara showed off the way her hair looks in its natural state, with curls cascading around her face and the majority sitting atop her head.

“Oh my gosh, guys. Can you believe it?” the singer said in the clip before comparing her tresses to her 5-year-old son Future Zahir’s hair. “This is my real hair, this is what it looks like when I wash it. Funky! This is like Juicy Man’s hair.”

Keeping that in mind, several fans speculated that the new cropped ‘do was not actually a cut, but rather a wig.

“Girl! That’s a wig!! 🤣 But it’s fits you 😊”

“U not fooling me @ciara lol! U ain’t chop nada🤪🤣
Ur hair been growing beautifully! U look gorgeous, u def rocking that wig😘😘❤️❤️.”

“I know that is a wig, I love it but it gets to be a wig.”

“It’s a wig I use to buy the same one when I had long hair.”

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