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‘Inches!’: Ciara Shows Off Lengthy Hair Growth, Much to the Delight of Fans

It’s not typical for celebrities to show off their hair sans extensions, weaves and wigs but Ciara is putting it on display to impressive results.

On Instagram Saturday, the singer proudly raised up her hair above her head, making it clear the length is all hers.

“All right you guys,” she begins. “I just took my hair down from my two pigtails. “And I’m so proud because my hair is growing! Yayyy! I’ll tell you guys the secrets later!”

“The first time I got a relaxer when I was young, it took out my hair. I was devastated. I never thought my hair would grow back. So proud ❤️,” Ciara added in the caption.

It’s not clear if the singer still chemically straightens her hair, but it certainly has come a long way from falling out in her youth.

Upon seeing Ciara’s results, fans showered her with compliments.

“Its so gorgeous!! Growing & Glowing just like you are as a person❤️❤️👑”

“Her hair is mad long 😍😍😍”

“Length | Growth😍 half of these celebrities don’t have no hair underneath them wigs!!!! You look amazing mama😍😍😍”

“Inches 😍😍😍😍😍”

But as is typical of social media, there were a few trolls who were less than enthusiastic for Ciara.

“Something ain’t right. Lets see it down sis….”

“but it’s thin 😑”

“It looks like she has extension still in.”

“But let’s see it down and how thin it is!”

The star previously showed off her makeup-free and wig-free look, so sharing her progress on her real hair growth is unsurprising. Just last week she uploaded a fresh-faced selfie to her Instagram page as part of a promotion from her forthcoming seventh studio album, “Beauty Marks.”

“No makeup. No extensions. Vulnerable. My Beauty Marks and all. The real me… and I love it. Finally embracing myself fully! It feels good,” the singer captioned the post she uploaded to Instagram on April 22.

Much like this time, fans heaped on the praise for the performer.

“Your not vulnerable – you look fresh and younger looking embrace this look with pride🖤🖤🖤🔥”

“To be extremely honest Ciara, I don’t see any flaws with your skin or hair. You do possess a natural beauty and features that God blessed you with…”

“No makeup = still gorgeous ……inside and out.”

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