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‘This Look Is My Whole Mood for Life’: Gabrielle Union Gives Husband Dwyane Wade Death Stare After Doing This

Dwyane Wade may be the star basketball player in the family, but that didn’t mean his actress wife Gabrielle Union wasn’t willing to show her stuff in a recent pickup game between the two.

After the pair arrived home from a lavish family vacation in Greece, Wade and Union played a little basketball. During a moment Wade caught on film, he talked lots of junk to his spouse. However, he soon discovered his smack talk was no match for Union’s skill.

“You ain’t got nothin’,” he says in the video Union shared to her Instagram page Saturday, June 1. “You’re washed up. Simmons is old. You ain’t s—!”

Immediately afterward, Union sank the ball into the hoop. Recognizing what she had accomplished, she turned and gave her hubby the stink eye as she strutted away on the court.

“Simmons is old, but clutch. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m playing for the ❤ of the game and a sack of Doritos #LoveAndBasketball #HouseShoeMamaChronicles,” Union captioned the post.

It was the strut and the stare that had fans captivated by the clip — as well as cracking up.

“This look is my whole mood for life.”

“The walk off stare!!!💪🏾🔥🔥🔥”


“Hit em wit the straight face🤣😂🤣”

“Gabrielle is the TRUTH! 😂😂😂 ‘…. never back down from a challenge….’”

“Now y’all see where Kaavia get them facial expressions from😂😂😂😂”

Kaavia, of course, refers to Kaavia James, the youngest daughter of Dwyane Wade and Union’s only biological child after becoming stepmom to the retired Miami Heat stars’ sons.

At just 6-months-old, Kaavia James has been stealing away lots of attention from her parents and older brothers, notably for her “shady baby” antics.

Known to be making an unenthused, unamused or outright judgemental face at the camera, Kaavia James has attracted 735,000 followers on Instagram who can’t get enough of her non-smiling face.

One notable example came when she accompanied her famous mama to a pool party but had a disappointed expression when she discovered she actually had to get wet.

“She said we weren’t gonna swim at the swim party. She said nobody actually ever swims at swim parties 😒 SABOTAGED! #shadybaby 👶🏾” the caption of the infant’s photo read.

But Kaavia James’ attitudinal looks will soon pay off — literally. Union and Wade trademarked their daughter’s name and nickname, “Shady Baby” for use in products like jewelry, clothing and haircare items. The Blast reported the filing was made in March after the famous parents started a loan company in Kaavia James’ name.

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