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‘Correction Sis’: Tamar Braxton Ends Up in Spat When She Claps Back at Woman for Saying ‘Hey U’ to Boyfriend

Tamar Braxton’s clapback to a woman who said “hey” to her boyfriend resulted in a mountain of criticism for the singer.

The incident went down on Instagram Wednesday when the star’s boyfriend, David Adefeso, posted a photo on the social media platform.

“After spending the holiday weekend hanging with the boys🕺🏾🕺🏾 and attending the epic finale of @kandi‘s #welcometothedungeon tour💥💥 with the sensational @tamarbraxton🔥🔥 I really need some recovery time🤣🤣#ThankGodForWater 💦!” he captioned the May 29 pic.

A follower of the financial services firm CEO’s commented, “Hey u.” The remark resulted in a response from Adefeso’s girlfriend of about a year.

“@nellie.baybay hey boo! I’m Tamar from Baltimore…. this is my boyfriend David… so correction sis… hey Ya’ll 💑! 😘”

Fans reacted by backing up the singer.

“@tamarbraxton that’s right correct that👏👏👏”

“@tamarbraxton Dat way sis …. 👏🏽”

However, many others deemed her “insecure.”

“@tamarbraxton u sound really insecure . It’s not your job to correct her honey … that’s HIS job but guess what … he probably never will . Run while you can .”

“@tamarbraxton only shows you are insecure. All she said was hey you🙄🙄🙄”

“Omg all I did was said hi! @tamarbraxton u really take the focus off my good works and deeds with your drama! Now look what u did!.” the Instagram user targeted by Braxton commented in part.

That led Braxton to issue a lengthy response in which she said, “@nellie.baybay 🙃i think it was because of how some took it is why u are so offended. I don’t believe we have met but EVERYONE in Yemi’s life whom I have met know that we do a lot of laughing and joking!! … The perception of me has had a lot of negative attention because that’s what that show and network believes it needs.

“Why would I want to check someone for saying hi to a man that comes home EVERY night!!!??” she added. “While I am super protective of my love, calling me insecure is low, also asking me to say hello to my ex is highly offensive and disrespectful and also undeserving because I didn’t curse you out, nor send an offensive response. I simply introduced myself jokingly and for what I thought it was….a friendly joke.”

tamar braxton

The dust-up was enough for Adefeso to step in and explain himself while sticking up for Braxton.

“When Tamar sent that first email to Nellie, I knew she was only kidding around,” he said in part. “It’s just like 2 weeks ago when she went live on my Instagram and started talking sh*%! On MY OWN DAMN live feed🤣🤣!! But that’s who Tamar and I are. We laugh together; we cry together; we laugh with each other; we laugh AT each other; and we fight like cats and dogs…but make up in 13.3 seconds😅😅. … This is the Tamar I love….and to me she’s ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!❤️❤️”

tamar braxton

Adefeso taking up for Tamar follows a recent episode of “Braxton Family Values” in which the Nigeria native asked his girlfriend to travel with him there soon to meet his mother. Tamar readily agreed, so it seems the star will have someone by her side to defend her for a while.

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