‘He Has No Idea What’s Happening:’ Gabrielle Union Hilariously Describes Life with Dwyane Wade After His Retirement

It’s been about six weeks since Dwyane Wade played his last NBA game and walked off into the sunset to retirement.

The 37-year-old played in the league for 16 years before he hung it up, and with 82 games in each season — not including the playoffs — it’s safe to say that Wade hasn’t had much time — or inclination — to enjoy the simpler things in life. Like wandering up and down the aisles of his local grocery store or taking his dog to the veterinarian.

Gabrielle Union said Dwyane Wade has never been to the car wash or a veterinarian. (Photo: Rich Polk / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

That’s something that his wife Gabrielle Union claimed Tuesday during an interview on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

“He has no idea what’s happening,” she explained. “When he got into the NBA he didn’t have any money. He was pretty close to poverty and then he’s retired and does okay for himself. But he’s like, ‘What is this place? It’s got all kinds of khaki shorts and cargo shorts, and there’s all different colors.’ I’m like, ‘That’s Old Navy.'”

And car washes are also new to the future Hall of Famer.

“He’s never been to a car wash. He’s like, ‘I love it there,'” said Union. “He has no idea how much milk costs. He’s like, ‘What is that? Like $20?’ I’m like, ‘No. What kind of goat’s blood milk are you [drinking]?’ He’s like Rip Van Winkle. He has no idea.”

But even though Wade’s professional basketball career is officially over, in a recent interview with TMZ, the Chicago native said he won’t feel retired until the start of training camp next season, when players head back to their teams.

He’s already begun living like a retiree, however, because last month Wade shared a photo of himself with his family lounging at a Florida Spa.

Union, meanwhile, said it’s interesting to watch her husband experience normal things for the very first time, which she seems to get a kick out of.

“We have five dogs and he’s never been to the vet,” she told Corden. “He’s like, ‘So, is there a V.I.P.?’ I’m like, ‘No. There’s a general waiting room where we take the dogs.’ He’s like, ‘Then what?’ I’m like, ‘They get treated like the other dogs.’ It’s all discovery. He’s so excited.”

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