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‘Hardest Song of 2019’: Offset Displays Daughter Kulture’s Singing Skills, People Are Blown Away

Offset sure had a lot of folks gushing after he posted an adorable video of Kulture, the daughter he has with Cardi B.

In the clip, posted on Tuesday, the 10-month old is singing her mom’s smash hit “I Like It,” in all baby talk, of course. She’s also sporting an adult-sized cap and a cute little Nike shirt, all while hoisting herself up on a coffee table that’s hopefully shatterproof.

A woman in the video encourages Kulture to sing by repeating the “I Like It” chorus a few times.

And as soon as she does, the baby immediately cracks a smile, starts slapping the table and utters the words of the song in her own delightful way.

The baby also comes close to mimicking the exact melody of the chorus, which she repeats several times while playing with a table ornament.

Afterward, a lot of folks said they were amazed that Kulture is already standing up, while others said she bears a strong resemblance to Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina.

But plenty commented on how much they loved the little one’s singing and wished they could hear more.

“A platinum hit. Hit the studio and record now. I’m ready to give Kulture my coins now,” someone wrote beneath the clip.

“Hardest song of 2019,” another person opined.

One individual chalked up Kulture’s singing talents to being in Cardi’s womb while she was pregnant on stage.

“She was in her mamas belly as her mom sang rapped danced and now shes ready to make it happen!! Shes gonna b so talented!” that person wrote.

But Kulture isn’t the only child of Offset’s who’s displayed some vocal talent. Earlier this month, the Migos member shared a clip of his son Kody rapping, and people were floored.

You can see Kulture’s video below.
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